Innovative method of delivering detergents launched

Morclean has launched its innovative method of delivering detergents and chemicals to its industrial clients. Up to now detergents like Traffic Film Remover for use in high pressure washers, scrubber dryers, brush wash machines and vapour steam cleaners, have traditionally been delivered in 25Ltr or 205Ltr containers, with the usual packaging, labelling and delivery costs attributed to them. Now clients…


In Demand- Morclean Air Vacs

The Morclean Air Vacs have been in high demand the past couple of months with shipments being made across Europe on a regular basis. The most recent order to be placed for our ATEX Air Vacuums has been an order for a quantity of 7 to a pharmaceutical company in Greece.  A quantity of 8…


Hopkinson Transport

Stavely based Hopkinson Transport recently approached Morclean for the installation of a specialist jet wash and water reclaim system. Hopkinson’s Transport carry plastic pellets for Hydro Polymers, and their vehicle fleet needs to be washed inside and out. Morclean have installed a automatic jet wash system, an internal rotating cleaning head for the cleaning of…


Hazardous Dust Vacuums

Following an enquiry from the Netherlands, Morclean was horrified to learn that there are still operatives using ordinary vacuums for the removal of highly dangerous asbestos dust. Morclean has an extended range of Hazardous dust vacuums, fitted with special filters, for use with numerous hazardous and nuisance dusts in numerous environments – including asbestos removal.

Green Apple Wards

Morclean Ltd has won a Green Apple Environment Award in the national campaign to find Britain’s greenest companies, councils and communities. The award is based on our recent development, Bin Wash City; a battery-driven bin wash machine, and will be presented to Morclean in November at the Palace of Westminster. Click here to read more…