Specialist Vacuum Cleaners are designed and manufactured to handle jobs not suitable for standard vacuum cleaners.

They are designed specifically for safety and for working with potentially hazardous dust and debris, or to work in specialist environments such as an air crafts 400Hz power system. Our custom specification vacuum cleaners are able to take on almost any job out there.

If you have something a little more demanding that you need a vacuum cleaner for, we can help you get the right vac for the right job. Try our specialists today.

Specialist Vacuum Cleaners from Morclean

Type H Vacuum

Biomass Vacuum

Biomass Vacuum

Sweep Soot



Photocopier Vac for Office Machinery

400Hz Aircraft


The right Specialist Vacuum Cleaner accessories

Along with our specialist range of Vacuum Cleaners, Morclean supply a wide range of job specific accessories. Having the correct diameter hose of length attachment can help a cleaning job be more efficient and easier for the operator. We are more than happy to discuss your needs to ensure you get the right vacuum cleaner and accessories for your job.

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