Bin Wash CARGO – 4×4 Pick-Up mounted bin wash

This is a brand-new machine now in production. The machine has been designed to satisfy the needs of anyone in the market for a mobile bin wash that can be mounted to most 4×4 or 4×2 pick-ups. This new machine will have the potential to fit onto all 3 pick-up variants, namely double cab, crew cab, or single cab.

When  manufactured and in production,  this system would be the perfect answer for operators working in  inner-city centres and rural roads, where tight spaces and small turning circles are an issue for larger bin wash trailers and vehicles.

This system is the perfect answer for operators working in inner-city centres and rural roads, where tight spaces and small turning circles are an issue for larger bin wash trailers and vehicles.

Morclean originally tested the market and established feedback from customers, and prototyped this machine at our dedicated R&D facility. Due to the availability of single cab LWB pick ups, and a difficult supply chain for vehicles of this type, we then re-designed the machine to fit most variants of cab type

The machine is fitted with a hydraulic lift and an automated rotary cleaning head, to prevent any manual handling and the need to wash with a hand lance. Simply use the buttons to lift and wash any bin up to 240 litres. The compact and robust system is driven by an electric start engine for max reliability and fuel economy. The machine also features water recycling, plus 4 stages of filtration, and will be fitted with our popular V-MIX™ water freshener system. The V-MIX™ introduces a water freshener as and when required by the operator, with the simple turn of a lever, resulting in fresher smelling water


The automated cleaning head or wash lance operates at 200 bar (3000psi) and with 20 litres per minute of water flow, which provides the operator with a great opportunity to also use the machine  as a high performance pressure cleaner. It can be used along with jet washing attachments such as rotary surface cleaners or extended lances. Therefore the Bin Wash CARGO is a multi-purpose machine, ideal for operators wishing to carry out  other activities such as patio cleaning, graffiti removal, roof cleaning, or general high pressure jetting etc

Please note that the machine is now currently available to purchase and in full production.

Customer feedback told us  that a pick-up would be ideal for anyone who doesn’t like to tow or reverse a trailer. We’re currently building units and launched  the machine at the Cleaning Expo Show Sept 2022

Please note that the current vehicle supply chain is still volatile, and most brand-new pick-ups, vans and commercial vehicles can have a 3 – 6 month lead time. Therefore our original plans to launch a single cab  machine earlier  in 2022 had been slowed down simply due to the availability of vehicles. This new model is now in production and was designed to fit any variant of pick-up to simply make it easier for customers to source a new or used vehicle

Bin- Wash Cargo. 4x4 Pick-Up truck mounted bin wash
Bin Wash Cargo logo

2 stage anti-grass filter fitted as standard

Our vehicle mounted bin wash machines also features a 2 stage grass filter, this is to prevent any grass clippings (from the green garden waste bins) floating to the top of the water and potentially blocking the filters. This filtration cartridge will also be fitted as standard to the new CARGO pick-up mounted machine. The dual filter will be positioned within the secondary filter while being easy to remove and clean, and will also be washable (under a tap or with a hose pipe)

2 stage anti-grass filter fitted as standard

Bin Wash CARGO 4x4 pick up features

Bin Wash CARGO NEWS!  Summer 2022

The Bin Wash CARGO (van mounted) is now being manufactured and was designed to fit inside a Transit Custom panel van (or similar). The machine was pre-launched exclusively to our  existing clients  in April 2022,  and then showcased at Interclean Amsterdam May 2022. The Bin Wash CARGO is in full production with orders being taken, and available to buy now

The Bin Wash CARGO pm (pick up mounted) has now been designed around a single, double or crew cab – such as an Isuzu,  Ford Ranger (4×4 or 4×2) Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi etc  or similar. Subject to parts availability we’re working as fast as we can to be able to launch the new models running up to The Clean Expo show  in Sept 2022 with a pre-launch scheduled for late summer 2022

To offer feedback and your opinions about this potentially incredible new system, please call 01246 471147, or email TODAY!

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    Bin- Wash Cargo. 4x4 Pick-Up truck mounted bin wash

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