Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washers

Perfect for washing vehicles and machinery, and for cleaning any type of washable surface or floor.

Hot Water Pressure Washers from Morclean are heavy-duty, boast excellent flow rates and the have the ability to heat water to temperature in seconds. These high-performance machines are unrivalled when it comes to price, quality and most importantly, reliability.

Typically, when it comes to power washing, hot water pressure washers are needed when removing grease, oil or fat. A cold pressure washer could be used in these circumstances, but a higher concentration of chemical would be needed.

Whether you’re looking to clean industrial machinery, production lines, or large vehicles, these machines are the ultimate solution. They can be used in a wide and varying number of sectors e.g. agriculture, industrial, marine and shipping, car washing, transport industry – to name but a few.

Available in hot or cold, petrol or diesel, and trailer mounted, static or mobile form, Morclean’s Hot Water Pressure Washers are designed to handle even the toughest cleaning jobs with ease.