Custom 8

The hi-spec petrol powered mobile trailer mounted wheelie bin washing machine

Our petrol-powered Wash bin wash 8 is a quality-finished commercial wheelie bin cleaner. Engineered to be an affective, sturdy and self-contained unit with a higher standard of water quality. Alongside the Custom Plus, this purpose-built machine makes the perfect start-up business or a complimentary addition to your current fleet.

With new added features and specifications, including 8 stages of water treatment, the Bin Wash 8 provides a cost-effective solution into the lucrative bin washing market. Assembled using a heavy-duty galvanised trailer, baffled poly tank and stainless-steel catchment tray, the Bin Wash 8 is a petrol powered, compact, sturdy and efficient cleaning machine.

Our newest, latest  and highest specification manual  trailer mounted machine is fitted with a Honda GX engine, 50mm ball hitch, 2200 PSI pump, and features 8 stages of water treatment along with colour co-ordinated blue front covers, wheel covers, LED lights   and an LED beacon.

custom 8 petrol bin wash

Product Features

  • Practical and easy to use
  • Clean either two domestic 120 litre or 240 litre bins at a time, or one 1100 litre commercial bin
  • Effortless two-bin lifting mechanism at the touch of a remote cord button
  • Galvanised heavy-gauge steel chassis and durable components to ensure a long service life
  • 350L Baffled water tank of recycled water with extra treatment for a full days work
  • Flat water tank design for a low centre of gravity
  • Can be used as a portable pressure washer for driveway, patio and decking cleaning
  • Machines allow you to wash bins legally as wash water is recycled as per the EA guidelines
  • EC/EU Type Approved trailer EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA)
  • Fitted with a heavy-duty long life battery
  • Fully protected low voltage electrics for hydraulic lift
  • Frost protection system using integral filler pipe or tank
  • High pressure pump, with a long reach 1.5 metre wash lance and turbo nozzle
  • Fast washing process – typically 10-30 seconds for a domestic bin
  • Very low running costs – typically about £1.50 per day (including petrol, disinfectant etc.)
  • Superb earnings potential!

Technical Specifications

Engine Honda GX Electric start
Pump 3 Cylinder ceramic pistons
Pressure 2200 Psi
Flow 11 Lpm
Tank Poly tank & 0.014mm inner
Battery 100Ah in box
Lift 12V lift galvanised


New 8 stage filtration and treatment System

All of our machines come with a built-in water filtration system. This helps inhibit bacteria from the water tank  to reduce the smell of dirty  water and also to give the user much cleaner water throughout the day.

The BinWash 8 comes with a 8-stage water treatment system:

  1. 1 A removable easy clean tray with pre-filter mesh to remove paper, plastics or debris etc
  2. The 2nd lift-up catchment tray takes out larger items of debris
  3. A fine mesh screen [80 mesh/177 microns] filters the water
  4. The third filter [20 mesh/871 microns] is situated just before the pump
  5. Water in the holding tank is then recirculated and  passes through a ‘blue’ washable filter [100 micron nylon mesh]
  6. Then the circulating water is filtered through a silver impregnated carbon  tube filter which inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  7. Water is aerated before it enters the next stage
  8. Finally the recycling water is filtered through a large surface area of filter to remove any fine debris

The tank of water is re-filtered while the machine is idling. In effect the water is conditioned and cleaned throughout the day.


The Morclean BinWash machines are incredibly easy to use, and the new Bin wash 8 is no exception

Just fix the wheelie bin onto the lifting mechanism at the rear of the machine, press one button and the bin is lifted. Cleaning is effortless and the bin can be spotless in seconds.

  • Once elevated, the Morclean system drains the bin into a pre-filter and then the catchment tray, in one simple process – water is  then filtered and ready to re-use throughout the day.
  • Water is filtered before the pump so it’s ready to use, and when idling the system continues to condition the water held in the tank to inhibit bacteria and keep the water as fresh as possible
  • The trailer systems can also be used as a trailer-mounted pressure washer direct from a mains water supply, for drivewaypavingand decking cleaning, providing extra revenue. The trailer-mounted machines are portable so that your vehicle isn’t dedicated to this system and can be used for other duties.
  • All that is required for a trailer-mounted Bin Wash machine is a vehicle capable of towing 800kg with a standard 50mm ball hitch and two electric trailer sockets – one for the trailer lights and one for the power.
  • The trailer models have their own battery to start the engine and work the bin lift, which is topped up by the Honda engine and charged by the vehicle from the socket. If no socket is available, then the machine can run up to one week off the battery. The fixed machine uses an electrically operated 110v motor and low voltage controls for safety.
  • The engine-driven  Bin Wash Custom Plus model has a standard petrol tank which can last up to one week if cleaning up to 100 bins per day

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    The National Association of Wheelie Bin Washers represents those wheelie bin washing companies that are able to satisfy the associations entry criteria, which requires them to comply with all existing legislation and guidelines for the washing of bins using high pressure pumps.

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