The Morclean range of trailer mounted, ultra high power pressure cleaners and jetters are designed for high mobility without compromise on power.

Trailer-mounted pressure washers are ideal for use in remote locations or areas without access to electricity or water. They can be easily towed behind a vehicle and are powered by a diesel engine or petrol engine, providing the necessary pressure and flow rate to tackle tough cleaning jobs. Morclean’s trailer-mounted pressure washers come in a range of sizes and specifications to suit different requirements.

Bowsers, or mobile water tanks, are essential for applications where a reliable water supply is not available. Morclean’s bowsers are designed to provide a portable water supply for pressure washers and other cleaning equipment. They are available in a range of sizes, from 250 litres up to 2000 litres, and are mounted on a trailer for easy transportation.

Morclean’s trailer-mounted pressure washers and bowsers are built to the highest standards of quality and durability. They are designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions and are easy to use and maintain. With their reliable performance and versatility, they are an essential tool for a wide range of cleaning applications, including agricultural, industrial, and commercial settings.

Trailer Mounted Pressure & Bowsers

Morclean Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers and Bowsers are typically used in industries and settings that require heavy-duty cleaning or washing operations. Some examples of companies that might need a Morclean Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer and Bowsers include:

  • Construction companies: Construction sites often require regular cleaning to remove dirt, mud, and other debris. These machines can be used to quickly and efficiently clean construction equipment, vehicles, and work areas.
  • Transport companies: Trucking companies and other transport businesses often need to clean their vehicles to maintain a professional appearance and comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Manufacturing companies: Industrial manufacturing plants often require specialized cleaning equipment to clean large machinery and equipment.
  • Agricultural businesses: Farms and other agricultural businesses often need to clean equipment, vehicles, and facilities to maintain a safe and healthy environment for workers and animals, This equipment is perfect for cleaning tractors, harvesters, barns, and other farm equipment and buildings.
  • Public works departments: Municipalities and public works departments often use pressure washers to clean public spaces and equipment such as park benches, sidewalks, and garbage trucks. A Morclean Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer and Bowser can be especially useful in remote areas where a water supply may not be easily accessible.