Morclean Wash Pads are an innovative solution to vehicle washing. In addition, the systems satisfy current legislation for the containment and disposal of water. Also eradicating the need for any excavation or below ground installations; which can be costly, time-consuming and sometimes impossible too!

Morclean offers various different types of Vehicle Wash Pad Systems. Including; Permanent, Semi-Permanent, Premium Inflatable and Basic Inflatable pads, this means Morclean can provide clients with what they require. In addition to Spill Containment and Water Treatment Systems. The Permanent Vehicle Wash Pad systems are typically used in heavy-duty environments for longer periods. This system is ideal for leasehold or sensitive sites, a multi-story car park, for instance, where ground works are not practical. Similarly, Inflatable Vehicle Wash Pad Systems are flexible and hardwearing, however, more suited for lighter use and can be easily folded up and transported.

Semi Permanent Wash Pads

semi permanent Wash Pads

Jet Wash Enc.

Jet washing enclosure for cleaning parts

Surface Mounted Wash Pads

Vehicle Wash Pad Systems

Wash Tanks

Vehicle Wash Pad Systems

Inflatable Wash Pads

Vehicle Wash Pad Systems

Spill containment

Spill Containment Systems

Vehicle Wash Pad Systems from Morclean


Firstly, the Wash Pad captures all the wastewater into a drain and a surface mounted sump pump. Most importantly, this can then be discharged to foul, partially treated via a Morclean BlueBox or GreyBox, or pumped to water reclaim system.

It is a chargeable offense for anyone to cause or knowingly permit the discharge of solid waste matter, or of poisonous, noxious or polluting matter, trade and sewage effluent into surface waters or groundwater without prior consent from the Environmental Regulator.

The Wash Pad can also be used in conjunction with the Morclean Pump Station. This is a surface mounted device housed in a kiosk that collects water from the outlet of the wash pad and then pumps it to the drain. The wash pad is supplied with a drain to one end of the pad as standard or can be supplied as a complete watertight retainer.

You should carry out dewaxing, cleaning and degreasing activities in designated wash bay areas. Not on the ground which discharges to surface water drains, watercourses or soakaways. In addition, a water recycling system can reduce water use and associated costs. The wash bay should be impermeable and isolated by a raised curb, with the effluent directed to foul sewer or a sealed pump. Never direct the drainage from these areas through an oil interceptor, as the oil will be emulsified and washed out of the interceptor.

Above all WashMan Wash Pads eliminate the need to install a permanent concrete wash pad, which is both more expensive and not always viable if the land is not freehold.


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