wash tanks

The Morclean wash tank is self-contained and over spray is restricted using polycarbonate screening to three sides. Components are placed on the open mesh grating and the contaminated wash water falls into the base tank where it is settled. Depending on the dimensions and the application the base tank and sump can be designed to incorporate an interceptor which, in turn, saves space and the need for excavation to install a secondary interceptor.

Wash Tank Applications

Wash tanks are ideal for washing parts, components, garden machinery, small plant, engines, portable equipment etc; where parts – contaminated with oils, grease or harmful substances – have to be washed in a sensitive area. Past projects include; parts from oil rigs, wheelchairs and walking aids from hospitals and components from mining, shipping, gas, aerospace, quarrying or oil industries.

Base Tank6mm fully welded
Flooring1000mm open mesh
Posts80 x 80 x 5mm SHS

Wash Tank Design

The general design is made up of a 6mm base tank which is fully welded and typically 300mm to 400mm deep. The internal structure of the tank is designed to act as a silt trap and the outlet is positioned on one of the base sides.

The open mesh flooring has removable grating to ease access and cleaning while the top of the tank features chequer plate flooring all supported by associated steel supports (determined by the max load of the items to be placed on the grating).

Side screens to protect from overspray are supported by 80mm x 80mm x 5mm SHS posts and typically 2m in height, and clad with polycarbonate screening fixed between the supporting posts.

All the above steel is galvanised to EN 150 1461:2.

In addition to the above a control panel can be fitted to either side of the wash tank and the system can incorporate a Morclean hot or cold-water pressure wash of up to 3000Psi.

Specifications dependant on max loading placed on the base tank and mesh floor. Larger models and sizes also available and due to transportation these may need to be made 2 sections and lifted by HIAB and offloaded to a position onsite.

2m Wash Tank3m Wash Tank

"Washing the Range Rover in the Snow" Morclean Permanent Wash Pad Demonstration

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