Litter collection vacuum are ideal for if you are cleaning up after a music festival, tradeshow, car boot or sporting event, or just collecting litter in parks, car parks, churches, etc. Morclean has the equipment to suit your every requirement.

Our revolutionary range of litter collection vacuums come in different sizes, all powerful enough to suit the users’ outdoor litter / contaminated material collecting requirements, including picking up dog faeces. There are four variants of litter collection vacs in the range. These are:

  • The BackVac (35L capacity)
  • The TrolleyVac (50L capacity)
  • The WheelieVac (120L capacity)
  • The WheelieVac (240L capacity)

The versatility of this vacuum cleaner range allows the operator to go literally anywhere to collect. The vacuums have low-noise Honda petrol 4-stroke engines, to ensure minimum noise pollution in parks, cemeteries, gardens, and beyond.


Litter Collection Vacuums


Our litter collector vacuums are equipped with high-capacity suction systems that efficiently collect various types of litter, from small debris to larger objects. With our advanced technology, no piece of trash is too big or too small to escape our powerful suction.

From rugged terrains to harsh weather conditions, our machines are engineered to endure and deliver consistent results. Whether it’s leaves, cigarette butts, plastic bottles, or other litter types, our vacuums are designed to handle a wide range of debris. With adjustable settings and specialized attachments, our machines can adapt to different surfaces and cleaning requirements with ease.

Rubbish is collected using a 4″ or 5″ vacuum hose. Dog poop (faeces) is removed using the 3″ vacuum hose.