Industrial Floor Sweepers from Morclean are ideal for both industrial and commercial use, and are your floor sweeping solution. Reducing time. Increasing productivity. Our floor sweepers can be used both inside and outside, are available in both ride-on and pedestrian models, and come with a choice of either a petrol or electric engine.

Morclean’s ride-on floor sweepers are designed for larger areas and more extensive cleaning tasks and are ideal for cleaning warehouses, industrial facilities, parking lots, and other expansive areas. Whereas our pedestrian floor sweepers are compact and easy to operate. Designed for smaller areas, tighter spaces, or applications where a ride-on machine may not be suitable or necessary. Pedestrian sweepers are commonly used in retail stores, workshops, garages, and other areas with limited floor space.

All our floor sweepers are built to the highest standards, incorporating advanced technologies and robust construction. They are equipped with powerful motors and high-quality brushes to ensure optimal cleaning performance. The ergonomic design of our sweepers provides ease of use and maneuverability, allowing operators to navigate around obstacles with ease.

Industrial Floor Sweepers from Morclean

Industrial Floor Sweepers

Industrial Floor Sweepers from Morclean are Ideal for:

  • Warehouses
  • Production Areas
  • Distribution Centres
  • Factory Environments
  • Airports
  • Shopping Centres
  • Schools, Colleges, Univerisities
  • Residential Homes

Perfect for different floor surfaces

Morclean’s hard floor scrubbing and cleaning machines are perfect for industrial and commercial floors, including concrete, marbled floor, vinyl floor, terrazzo, tiled, stone and slate floor surfaces.

For finer polishing e.g. marble and high gloss tile floors, floor polisher machines are also available.

Award Winning & Environmentally Friendly

We are proud to have been awarded a number of “Green” awards for our environmentally friendly machines and cleaning methods. This is noted in our scrubber dryers that use less water and less chemicals to clean floors effectively, with high energy efficiency.

Alternative short or long term rent periods

Industrial floor sweepers from Morclean are also available to hire on short or long term rent period; please just get in touch with our sales team directly to discuss rental and finance options.

Morclean floor sweeper models are for sale at competitive prices and we offer our customers advice, training and demonstrations on scrubber dryers or any of our other industrial, commercial and professional floor cleaning machines.  Finance and hire purchase arrangements and long-term leasing options are available. Delivery in the UK and export worldwide are available.

Small Sweepers

Our smallest and most compact walk-behind model is our MSW 50P which is a walk-behind machine and has a Main Brush Sweeping Width of 510mm and our smallest ride on model is our MSW 65R which has a Main Brush Sweeping Width of 650mm.

Medium Sweepers

A medium size sweeper, we can offer a ride on with a Main Brush Sweeping Width of 700mm, this machine is available petrol or battery powered.

Large Sweepers

Our range of large sweepers have a maximum Main Brush Sweeping Width of 780mm – these are ride on machines.