A big change for red diesel users

From 1 April 2022, businesses that are currently using rebated gas oil – also known as red diesel – will no longer be entitled to the rebates that have been in effect. This is a government lead policy that aims to reduce the use of diesel, that currently contributes to the global warming and climate change problem we are all facing.

Using less diesel will also help the strategy of cleaning up the air in the UK, as air pollution is also a huge concern.

All businesses and individuals who use or supply rebated gas oil and rebated biofuels will be affected.

Their are a few exceptions, such as:

  • Vehicles and machinery that are used in agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry
  • Maintenance vehicles used to run on rail tracks
  • Generating heat and electricity in non-commercial premises – eg, places of worship, hospitals and town halls
  • The heating and lighting of community sports clubs, such as golf courses and club houses
  • Fuel for marine craft operating in the UK
  • Travelling fairs and circus machinery

Due to the UK passing laws to guarantee an end to its contribution to global warming by 2050, one of the aims of this policy is to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by then.

One of the desired outcomes of this change in policy is that current diesel users may invest in cleaner alternatives and more efficient machinery.

Here at Morclean we have a huge range of all electric machines, that are more so than ever a great investment and a good alternative to diesel machines.

Due to the rising cost of red diesel on top of these policy changes, there is no better time to make the switch and invest in all electric machinery.

From the government website:

“Red diesel…accounts for around 15% of all the diesel used in the UK and is responsible for the production of nearly 14 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. Red diesel used in the construction and infrastructure building sectors was also estimated to have caused 7% of nitrogen oxide emissions and 8% of PM10 emissions (a type of particulate matter) in London in 2018.”

Please see the official government website for further details on this new policy.

NEW RANGE – All electric hot water pressure washers

Static Electric Pressure Washers

Static cabinet mounted

static electric hot water pressure washer

SS Range

Mobile low pressure

mobile electric hot water pressure washer

ELC Range

Mobile compact and durable.

Morclean ELC range. Compact all electric mobile hot water pressure washers

Why go All Electric?

Looking to the future, we are all going to be turning to electric for many things. Oil prices are through the roof, the natural gas supply is depleting, and there is a huge call for renewable and eco friendly energy. Naturally, using all electric machinery for your pressure washer is a great switch to make.

The government is introducing new policies to help reduce the UK’s contribution to global warming and reduce our carbon footprint.

In the future electric will be generated by renewable sources such as solar panels, wind power and wave power, etc. This means that eventually, electric will be completely carbon neutral and 100% effective. In the meantime, using All Electric is still much kinder to the earth than diesel chugging machines. As more low carbon and renewable sources of energy are made available, electric will become more and more preferred over oil and gas.

Static Electric hot water pressure washers inside

MS Range – Static Pressure Washer

Kinder to the planet

While the option still remains of using a cold machine to avoid using diesel fuel, this would be at a huge disadvantage and the performance could never be as good as a heated machine.

Morclean’s All Electric range allows a hot wash whilst being extremely cost effective and powered completely by electric.

There is no yearly maintenance required with electric machines, as there are with the traditional oil fired boiler systems. No energy is wasted up the flue, it is all used and turned into heat. It also means no storage of diesel, and no risk of spilling the expensive fuel. Electric is far more convenient and time saving.

Key benefits of an electric hot power wash:

  • Quickly loosens dirt
  • Dissolves grime fast
  • Time saving of up to 35%
  • No need for additional detergents
  • Economical
  • Surfaces dry faster
  • Exhaust gas free
  • No carbon emissions
  • Lower running cost
  • No yearly maintenance needed
  • 100% efficient at point of use
  • Great for automotive, industrial, food and shopping sectors
mobile electric hot water pressure washer

SS Range – Mobile Pressure Washer

Ease of use

The water heats almost instantly – no need to wait for a clunky oil burner to get going.

The temperature of the water is completely under your control – no fluctuation between hot and cold as an oil fired boiler would be. The set temperature is instant and continuous.

No need to add in disinfectants or cleaning products – the hot water reduces the presence of germs. This again is kinder to the planet, and cuts down on additional costs.

As surfaces that are cleaned with hot water dry so much faster, you can then use these surfaces so much quicker. This saves time and running costs.

Reliability is so important. When an oil fired boiler fails, that’s it – you have to wait for it to be fixed. With All Electric you will still get hot water even if one heating element fails.

Cleaner – in all ways! The mess and soot build up on heating coils are not something you have to worry about with an all electric machine. Just switch off and store – no clean up.