UHP Cleaners

Ultra High Pressure Cleaners (UHP) are high pressure water jetting machines. Most commonly used to remove tough stubborn dirt and debris from surfaces or for surface preparation and cutting. However, our wide range of 300 bar to 3000 bar ultra high pressure cleaners deliver so much more than this.

The UHP pump systems that are integrated in the ultra high pressure cleaners are driven by either diesel engines, petrol engines, or electric motors and produce extreme high pressures of water.

Some of the UHP models heat the water allowing the combination of high water pressure and heat to produce additional cleaning power.

Industrial Cold Water Ultra High Pressure Jet Washer

New Range for 2024

High-powered 15-22kW high-efficiency Nicolini electric motor, painted tubular frame with anti-corrosion treatment.

Electric cold water Ultra-high pressure washer

Stage V B&S Vanguard 23kW petrol engine on a robust tubular frame with anti-corrosion treatment and stainless-steel coated panels.

Petrol cold water Ultra high pressure washer

Stage V diesel engine, Kohler model KDW 1003 (26HP), on a robust tubular frame with anti-corrosion treatment.

Diesel cold water Ultra high pressure washer

IMPORTANT: Usage of Ultra High Pressure Cleaners

In order to achieve the highest operating standards, these devices need to be controlled by a workforce that has specialised experience and competence with ultra high pressure cleaners (UHPs).

To achieve responsible operation of UHP cleaners operators should be competent to use all the components in a safe manner. These include: machine power, water pressure, temperature, nozzle size, flow rate, spray pattern and jetting distance.

Familiarity with all aspects of using a ultra high pressure washer will result in high quality work, completed in a speedy, safe and responsible operation.

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Ultra High Pressure Water Jetters

There are many industries and applications to which ultra high pressure cleaners can be applied.

  • Building Sector

    concrete scarification and demolition, degraded plaster removal, formwork cleaning and bitumen removal.

  • Construction sites

    cleaning of machinery, removal of concrete, cement, gypsum and plaster residues.

  • Ship Building Industry

    naval structure rehabilitation; removal of algae and residues from hulls of ships and large boats, cleaning propeller blades, and container rehabilitation.

  • Industrial Cleaning

    cleaning industrial plant, tanks and filters, and steel surfaces; rubber coating removal and removal of grease and oil from surfaces.

  • Urban Cleaning

    graffiti removal, horizonal signs removal, chewing gum removal, façade rehabilitation, post-fire remediation.

  • Cleaning of sewer pipes

    unblocking and removal of dirt, mildew and limestone from pipe walls.

  • Roadworks

    For street cleaning and removal of residues in the event of accidents.

700 bar ultra high pressure washers (legacy range)

Our range of 700 bar cold water high-pressure cleaners are ultra-sturdy machines built with a stainless-steel panel and anti-corrosive painted frames.

Designed to generate extremely high pressure, the Morclean UHP range is suitable where efficiency and reliability are required, providing an exceptional cleaning solution that offers businesses a powerful and efficient cleaning force, capable of removing even the most stubborn dirt and grime from surfaces.

The high-pressure technology also makes the cleaning process more efficient, reducing the time and resources required to clean a given area, which can translate into significant cost savings for businesses. Additionally, the Morclean Ultra High Pressure Washer 700 Bar range is built to last, with high-quality components and materials that can withstand even the most demanding conditions.

Morclean UHP 700 Bar Range

There are three different models available: electric driven, diesel engine or a petrol engine. Each one is suitable for highly professional use on limitless applications, making it the most versatile jet wash you can buy.

Pure water is used as a cleaning medium, and with no need for chemicals or other cleaning methods required, such as sand blasting or burning, waste disposal costs can be dramatically reduced.

Their ability to cut through most solid materials and to clean various surfaces makes them ideal for countless applications within numerous industries. These powerful units can be used for industrial cleaning, building cleaning and for concrete preparation, and they are also perfect for use in the Marine, Shipping, Transport, Petro Chemical and Manufacturing industries, or for cleaning and unblocking drains. You can even remove paint from zinc protected metal without damaging the galvanisation, helping businesses to reduce operating time whilst improving performance quality.