Morclean have introduced a comprehensive list of robust vehicle wash systems specifically designed for most types and sizes of vehicles. Our semi-automatic brush washing systems and lorry wash stations are built to specification and can be adapted to fleets containing both artic and rigid sides.

Manufactured from rigid frames, each wash system can be constructed to meet our clients needs of differing layouts and combinations. We can cater for unusual sizes and irregular shapes by utilising a brushless moving arch system or a fixed arch system.

Morclean Vehicle Wash Systems

Vehicle Wash Systems

All drive through or pass through bus wash and lorry wash units are available in various sizes and wash combinations, built to the customer’s requirements. Automatic cycles are programmed to suit the demands of the operator and size of the fleet.

Built from rigid galvanised frames the 2 brush or 3 brush roll-over units can be built in various combinations and layouts to meet customer requirements. Optional features include automatic frost protection, guide rails or under chassis washing. The system is manufactured and installed to suit all types of vehicles operated and the size of the fleet, and used by many operators where their simplicity of design and reliability are unequalled. All systems can be used in conjunction with a water reclaim unit.