Lorry Washing Systems For Transport Fleets


A full range of lorry wash systems is available and can be manufactured and installed to suite all types of lorries, wash combinations and fleet sizes.

For Artic or Rigid Sided Vehicle Fleets

Constructed from corrosion resistant, rigid, galvanised frames, the two brush or three brush rollover units can be built in a variety of layouts and combinations with programmable logic control circuits catering for the washing of artic or rigid sided vehicle fleets.

2, 3 or 5 Brush Wash System

Designed to meet your specifications and lorry wash needs with a choice of two, three or five brush wash system and either a hydraulic or pneumatic installation, this demonstrates the versatility and power of Morclean’s latest lorry wash range.


Features and Information

  • Washing height: 3.4m or 4.4m
  • Rail length: 20m
  • Anti-tipping rails: 20m
  • Pneumatic systems: Vertical brushes on pneumatic carriages
  • Hydraulic systems: Vertical brushes on electromechanical carriages with double brushing
  • Corrosion resistant grey galvanised structure with painted panels and stainless steel screws
  • Grey & blue brushes with grey fairing
  • Double Dragging with Inverter
  • Buttons panel situated on the pile
  • Control console with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • Shampoo: Arch, nozzles and pneumatic dosing pump
  • Two piles with guide for cables and pipes supporting carriage
  • Programme for mirrors-spring
  • Half-automatic winter drainage
  • ’Set to zero’ vehicle counter
  • Arch for emollient dispensing
  • Programs: Customisable and differentiated working
  • Cloth side spray guards
  • Cable-holder and pipe-holder chain (piles or brackets) 20 Metres
  • Cable-holder and pipe-holder chain (piles or brackets) 25 Metres
  • Extension of the rails, wheel-guide pipes, cables and a pile (5 Metres)
  • Reinforced extension of the rails, wheel-guide pipes, cables and a pile (5 Metres)
  • Industrial vehicle centering pipes (20 Metres)
  • Industrial vehicle centering pipes (25 Metres)
  • Reinforced Rails (20 Metres)
  • Reinforced Rails (25 Metres)
  • 2.2Kw water pump for feeding the car wash
  • Red/green single traffic light
  • Group of two motofans complete with blades
  • Passing underchasis washing
  • Auto-drying wax pump
  • Automatic winter drainage
  • Side robot wash
  • Side robot wash with rails extension
  • Ethernet WEB MODEM
  • Ethernet WEB GSM
  • Remote control (hydraulic installation only)
  • Machines are supplied for 400V – 50Hz – 3Ph power connection
  • Tension tolerance +/-5%
  • Different electrical ratings are available on request

Washing irregular vehicle shapes and sizes.

Brushless Vehicle Wash
A gantry wash system with a brush-less fixed or moving arch system can be constructed to wash irregular vehicle shapes and sizes.

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