Industrial Cleaning Equipment from Morclean

Wheelie Bin Washing Machines

Morclean wheelie bin washers are quality-finished entrepreneurial machines. Sturdy and engineered fully self-contained, these purpose-built wheelie bin cleaning machines make the perfect start-up business machine, or addition to any current fleet.

Wheelie Bin Washers

Industrial floor cleaning equipment

Look no further for industrial scrubber dryers, commercial floor sweepers, industrial wet and dry vacs and dry only vacuum cleaners. Single disc scrubbers and litter collection vacs. They are an integral part of Morclean’s industrial cleaning equipment range.

Floor Care Equipment

Industrial cleaning equipment pressure washers

Our industrial high pressure washers and jetters satisfy many requirements. Hot water high pressure washers, cold water high pressure washers, static pressure washers, petrol driven, trailer and skid mounted jetters.

High Pressure Washers

sanitising and hygiene Industrial cleaning equipment

Vapour steam cleaners are sanitising and hygiene improving cleaning equipment that break down grease and kill bacteria on all surfaces in kitchens, hospitals and other environments requiring sterilisation. Reduced water vapour steam cleaners are available.

Cleaning & Sanitising Equipment

Specialist and ATEX cleaning equipment

Specialist equipment including ATEX environment equipment, Type H vacs, 60Hz equipment, 400Hz aircraft vacs, compressed air vacs, ultra-high pressure washers and other specialised washing and cleaning equipment are available.

Specialist and ATEX Equipment

vehicle wash systems

From single brush vehicle washes, drive through vehicle washes and fixed gantry wash systems. Car valeting equipment and valet bays, wash pads and spill containment systems, Morclean supplies it all, including kiosks and housings for storage.

Vehicle Wash Systems and Equipment

Water Reclaim systems water separators and interceptors

Morclean’s range of interceptors and separators include those used for vehicle washing, oil separation, forecourts and car parks. There are specific separators and interceptors for each individual project and advice is given for the appropriate model and specification.

Water Reclaim

Industrial vacuum cleaners

With fantastic features such as, impressive suction power, a smart filtering system and low noise engine. These features are just a few reasons why we have fantastic feedback from clients in all types of different industires.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Morclean company information

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