High Pressure Cleaners use water at very high pressure for washing a variety of vehicles and machinery and for cleaning any type of washable surface or floor. They can be used in a wide and varying number of sectors e.g. Agriculture, industrial, marine and shipping, car washing, transport industry – to name but a few.

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Pressure Washers from Morclean

Morclean high pressure hot water cleaners are ideal for heavy duty users. They feature a compact design and easy to use controls, housed within a durable fibre glass or stainless steel cover fitted to a stove enamelled hard wearing chassis and frame with solid tyres. Contained within are self priming pumps with heavy duty fibre seals and brass cylinder heads and components, hard wearing nylon valves and stainless steel valve seats, providing various options of pressure, flow and performance

High pressure cleaners are divided into 3 main groups – Cold Water Cleaners, Hot Water Cleaners and Static Units.

You would usually need a hot water pressure washer when grease oil or fat needs to be removed.
A cold pressure washer could be used in these circumstances but you would need to use a higher concentration of chemical.


How do I Choose My Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer’s performance is measured in both pressure and flow. Both of these are important. You also need to consider where you will be using the machine, what application you will be using it for and the amount of usage required.

How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

A pressure washer consists of a pump and a motor. The motor drives the pump which applies pressure on the water. Because the water is under pressure it is pumped out at high speed. This effect is very similar to pinching the end of a garden hose. The pump ensures a constant amount of water is produced, the water pressure can be varied by altering the size of the nozzle at the end of the lance.

What is Mobile High Pressure?

Mobile units for cleaning on demand, and developing pressures of up to 5000psi. Machines can be fixed or static. Traditional high pressure cleaners are often mobile units, and can be connected to services each time the operators needs to operate.

The operator then has access to settings including the detergent, flow, temperature and pressure.

What is Fixed High Pressure?

Our cabinet machines are housed in a strong steel lockable container, and a permanent connection is made to mains power water services, and fuel. The controls for temperature, flow, pressure, and detergent are all contained inside the cabinet.

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