Water recycling system for industrial cleaning

The main benefits of using a water recycling system are that it can permit washing during water shortages. The unit complies with environmental agency requirements and reduces pollution. As most of the water is reclaimed it does, in fact, save money.

The water recycling system enjoys low maintenance cost and we provide national service in the unlikely event of a breakdown. The super jet wash recycling system is specially made for use with pressure washers and is available in twenty litres per minute and thirty litres per minute capacities.

In some parts of the country, the water authorities are having to restrict water use either by refusing to supply water for vehicle washing or to increase the size of the mains supply. Water authorities are becoming particular concerned with the quality of the effluent discharge and placing strict control and discharge limits. In certain circumstances where consent is not given a water recycling system can permit the installation of vehicle wash systems as the water is recycled.

The sub-categories relate to different options available for water capture, discharge, and water reclaim. All of these are totally dependent on the site, conditions, and availability or proximity of a foul connection.

In order to quote for our Water Recycling Systems, either an outline plan or sketch of the site is usually needed, or a site survey as and when the development takes place.

All advice given is based on our interpretation of E.A. guidelines with regard to the discharge of contaminated water, namely that a vehicle wash bay should be an impermeable surface surrounded by a curb and water diverted to a sealed sump. The obvious requirement is that contaminated water must not enter surface water or watercourse without prior consent.