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Watertight wash bay bund to replace concrete wash pads

EcoFlex Semi-Permanent Wash Pad

Semi-Permanent Wash Pads solve the problems faced by Leaseholders

  • Replaces the need for excavation works
  • Can be fitted in less than an hour
  • Use existing reasonably level concrete or tarmac site
  • Cost-effective
  • Overcomes leaseholder issues
  • Moveable and reusable with zero dilapidation works.

More about EcoFlexTM Semi-Permanent Wash Pads

Semi-Permanent Wash Pads are a sealed, watertight, wash bay bunds that replaces the need for traditional concrete wash pads and associated excavation works.

A traditional concrete wash pad is more expensive and not always possible to install – where the land is leasehold, for example. The EcoFlexTM can be fitted in less than an hour.

Water is captured using a 150mm kerbed bund which can be discharged to foul or pumped to a water reclaim system.

Typical installation periods are several months or even years of use.

Practical and easily relocated

The EcoFlexTM semi-permanent wash pad can easily be relocated and moved if required with no dilapidation works, backfilling of holes or writing off the asset

Often site work is not practical or possible, for example when working against a train line, a multi-storey car park or simply where civil works are not practical or in fact permitted. The EcoFlexTM is a solution to this problem and can be installed on an existing reasonably level concrete or tarmac site.

The EcoFlexTM water-tight floor has been further developed by Morclean alongside our surface mounted wash pad in response to market demand, and where an inflatable temporary solution is not the most effective method.

Vehicle washing

When car, van or HGV washing or a vehicle washing business, or a company which produces wastewater in one way or another; it has to be contained and possibly recycled or removed.

Building a permanent facility often requiring substantial investments and is not always an economical solution. The EcoFlexTM semi-permanent wash mat with fixed kerbs offers an economic alternative, being semi-portable and easy to install within hours of delivery.

In addition, the EcoFlexTM wash mat can be supplied to meet your specifications in terms of dimensions, design, etc.

Unlike a traditional concrete structure, which can take weeks to construct, the wash pad water capture system is installed quickly and with minimal disturbance to the ground.

The wash pad is supplied with a drain to one end of the pad as standard or can be supplied as a complete watertight retaining bund.

Advantages of the EcoFlex semi-permanent wash pad:

  • The Wash pad is transportable and fast to set up
  • The standard inflatable wash pad can accommodate weights of vans and HGVs etc.
  • Extremely durable and chemical-resistant
  • Can be manufactured to more or less any practical dimension
  • Many applications are possible as the EcoFlexTM wash pad can be custom made
  • No dilapidation works after the pad is relocated
  • No civils or groundworks and zero excavation
  • The asset is not below ground so not written off if relocation occurs
  • No mess, debris, excavation or dust when compared to a traditional excavation



General Semi-Permanent Wash Pad Operation

Roll out and unfold the semi-permanent mat and use the fast fix bolts to fix to the floor (Morclean provide delivery and transportation).

Simply drive the vehicle on to the wash pad and experience a fully-fitted wash pad, at a fraction of the cost, disturbance and time.

Commercial vehicles and cars generally fit onto a 3m width floor whereas HGVs generally require a 4.5m wide floor. However, the wash pad can be specified in any practical size and dimension.

The floor of the semi-permanent wash pad will not be damaged by the vehicle’s weight. It has been designed, tested and proven over several years of development.

As well as the standard PVC materials, we can make semi-permanent wash pads in other coated materials, anti-static coatings, high resistance coatings for excessive chemicals and various foil coatings.

Along with the standard PVC materials we can also make wash pads in other coated materials; anti-static coatings, high resistance to chemicals and various foil coatings.


Specifications of Semi Permanent Wash Pads*
Standard Colour(s) Blue
Base Fabric (W/F) Trademark Polyester
Total Weight Approx. 1500g per sqm
Coating Material PVC
Tensile Strength 7400/6400 N/5cm
Liquid Tightness >400 cms/H20


PDF for full specifications.

Quality control for water tightness and safety notes

Although innovative and easy to operate the wash pads are more than just a simple construction. All EcoFlexTM wash pads have to be fully tested and we guarantee water tightness of the floor. All welded joints and connections are vacuum tested and inspected during a quality procedure. Every wash pad is given a unique registration number to ensure the identification of all the products and materials used during construction.

Semi Permanent Car Wash Valeting Pad by Morclean

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