ThermaSteam Trailer-Mounted Steam Cleaner

The new Thermasteam trailer mounted steam cleaner is a revolutionary and unique system. Featuring incredible performance and results, the self contained machine is the ultimate in steam cleaning and a truly versatile and high performance unit. The ThermaSteam cleaner consists of a completely bespoke unit with a modern electric start, self-charging, air cooled diesel engine which belt drives the high pressure pump.

You no longer require a big, bulky generator in order to run this machine in remote locations, the 500 litre tank will realistically run for just over 1.5 hours and is completely self-contained with its own diesel tank.

The Morclean ThermaSteam Trailer Mounted Steam Cleaner is a revolutionary and unique peice of equipment. The system has been expertly engineered to utilise a normal water supply and use this to remove resistant unwanted matter, such as paint, graffiti, chewing gum, moss, bird droppings and many more.

It consists of a bespoke unit with modern functionalities such as electric start, self-charging and an air cooled diesel engine which belt drives the high pressure pump.

Morclean ThermaSteam is easy to use with user-friendly digital displays, quick release of modular components, easy loading and improved manoeurvrability.

Features Include:

  • 2 Dedicated Jerry Cans
  • Quick Release Safe Seal Fuel Connections
  • Digital Programming/Temperature Readout
  • Warning Light
  • Cool Down Light to Prevent Scale Build Up
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Blocked Filter Warning
  • Quick Fit Hoses

Technical Specification

ThermaSteam Trailer Mounted Steam Cleaner

Voltage:   230v/110v AC

Flow Rate: 5 Litres/Min Inlet

Engine Speed: 2500 Rev/Min

Frequency: 50Hz

Pump Pressure: 120 Bar

Generator Output: 1.2Kw Max

IP Rating: 23

Paint Removal

Removing paint has never been easier thanks to the Morclean ThermaSteam. Blast away paint from bricks, concrete, natural stone and more with ease, without damaging the surfaces, which is more likely with a traditional pressure washer.

Chewing Gum Removal

Ground in chewing gum can be an unsighly nuisance. The ThermaSteam from Morclean removes even the toughest, ground in, old chewing gum with ease and without just flipping it.

Graffiti Removal

The ThermaSteam easily removes resistant graffit quickly and efficiently whilst using much less water than a traditional pressure washer as well as eradicating the need for any solvents or chemicals that could be potentially harmful.

What surfaces should I use the ThermaSteam on?

We recommend the ThermaSteam for use on surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, tiled (glazed and encaustic), wood, faience and terracotta.

It is also a very useful sterilisation tool for kitchens, toilets, swimming pools, hospitals and factories

What is the ThermaSteam most effective in removing?

  • Paint coatings (most oil and plastic types)
  • Certain types of graffiti
  • Bird or vermin fouling
  • Algae, moss, and fungi
  • Wax coatings
  • Chewing gum
  • Bitumen, Oil, Grease and many others, all without causing any damage or disfiguring the substrate.

Where can I use ThermaSteam?

The Morclean ThermaSteam Trailer Mounted Steam Cleaner can be used in:

  • Building restoration
  • Industry
  • Food production
  • Hygiene control
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Transport & Vehicle depots, Workshops etc.

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