Cold Water Pressure Washers or Jet Washers, depending on what you call them, are very easy to come by these days. In fact you can pick one up from your local supermarket… but is it really going to last?

Morclean pressure washers are specifically designed for commercial and industrial use. This means they are hard wearing and heavy duty, and fully capable of handling tough specialised jobs, as well as your day to day needs, at fantastic prices and without compromising on cleaning power.

Morclean’s range of Cold Water Pressure Washers / Jet Washers are available as electric, petrol or diesel, mobile or fixed. Robust, reliable, efficient and excellent value for money.

Ideal for use in a variety of industries and applications such as agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and for a range of applications including car washing, cleaning equipment, and plant. They are also perfect for the cleaning of plaster and facades, patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and more.

Call the Morclean team to set up your free, no obligation, over the phone consultation with one of our experts now. Finance and Leasing options available. In-house engineers are available to provide our customers with knowledge and advice.

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