Referrals and Testimonials given to Morclean

Morclean strives to provide excellence in cleaning equipment & after-sales service. We learn from feedback, referrals and testimonials to maintain quality. We like to hear from all of our customers and take on board any feedback that is given to us.

If there has been any aspect of our service to you that has been not as expected we encourage you to tell us. This can be done by either emailing us at or calling the office directly on 01246 471147.

Recent Feedback

Comment from Direct Accident Management ref: Jet Wash Screen installation

“The screen and hooks were sorted this morning. Just wanted to thank you for your help with everything, the team on site were really polite and helpful so big thanks to them too.” 

Comment from a Group of Architects based in San Diego CA ref: a static bin wash

Thank you for such a quick response and the thorough information. Your competition is not nearly as responsive by the way…

Comment from a building maintenance company ref: Aqua boom- Spill Containment System

“WOW…This looks brilliant” 

Comment from an impressed customer: 

“Hi Peter, That’s great. Thank you for your cooperation and professional business manner. I will forward the updated to my supervisors along with the quote when received, and we will go from there. Thank you for everything, have a great weekend!”

Comment from a visitor of our stand at The Cleaning Show, 2017:

“Thank you very much for the presentation of the assets, of the improvements that you have made to the bin wash machines. Congrats for the booth and for the team that represented Morclean at The Cleaning Show in London”