Except for certain specific equipment, or our special offers pages, you will see there are generally no prices shown on this web site. Some visitors to our web site express concerns that there are no prices shown and ask “why”?

We would very much like to include these, however there are significant reasons why we don’t do this – as set out in the notes below;

Please note that we do respond to all enquiries and can give one-to-one advice and guidance about which is the best model most suitable to the task.

You can call one of the team NOW on our UK freephone 0800 1300 402. Our UK land line +44 (0)1246 471147. Or email info@morclean.com.


1: Firstly visitors to the site don’t always know what they are looking for. Some visitors for example confuse steam cleaners with pressure washers, or scrubber dryers with sweepers etc. Letting a visitor see, what in effect is, the wrong price can be very misleading for them.

2: We have different models for the UK, the USA and other overseas/export clients; we regularly export all over the world. To publish all these model ranges – and all the fluctuations in prices and exchange rates – would be confusing to the client.

3: Very often we may have a dealer in a particular area or country that will offer you prices direct themselves; we have to protect their interests while not competing with them.

4: Many of our models are bespoke/specialist, built to order. While these models can be as competitive as standard units they simply cannot be priced in advance.

5: Often some of our specialist equipment will be installed as part of a project or design; as a component rather than complete piece of working equipment. It wouldn’t function as a single item, and it would be misleading for us to quote for components without explaining this to you.

6: Some of the equipment we sell may have to be used in conjunction with another component to comply with legislation, which can depend on the region, area or country you are situated in. We will always advise you and give you guidance to comply with current legislation.

7: Finally Morclean Ltd are not just an e-commerce shop or an online outlet for general cleaning equipment. Morclean is a specialist company offering technical advice, demonstrations and installations, along with after-sales support.


Remember – our technical sales people respond to all enquiries and can give one-to-one advice and guidance about which is the best and most suitable model.


1] Exchange Rates and Currency

All prices quoted or displayed on this web site would be in GBP/Sterling (British Pound) unless otherwise stated. When we provide specific prices for a particular country we do so at the current mid-market exchange rate (which is subject to fluctuation). The rates we use are neither ‘buy’ nor ‘sell’ rates, they are mid-market rates derived from the mid-point between the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ rates from global currency markets. We use free on-line information to list the mid-market rate because it indicates the value of a currency that is not weighted towards buying or selling. ‘Buy’ and ‘sell’ rates include overheads and profit margins that are independently set by foreign exchange providers; their rates can vary significantly and will differ from the mid-market rate. We recommend you shop around and check rates on the day for the best deal.

2] Domestic Environment

Morclean supplies industrial cleaning equipment that is not usually suitable for domestic operation and use.

We are always pleased to assist clients who are setting up a business for commercial use, however we are generally unable to provide machines for use in the home.

3] Selling Regulations

Morclean are very much aware of The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 and The Sale of Goods Act; but we don’t sell on line to domestic customers and consumers, nor sell equipment directly or indirectly for use in the home. Morclean only sell goods B2B (business to business). Shopping online, by mail order, over the phone or through a TV shopping channel can be more convenient and cheaper than the high street but there are drawbacks to not being able to see and touch items. So the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (usually referred to as the Distance Selling Regulations or DSRs) give a domestic consumer extra protection when buying at a distance.

Please note that while we make every effort to establish that we are dealing with a commercial B2B or trade buyer; We assume:

i] we are dealing with you as a B2B.
ii] that in dealing with us you are buying B2B and not as a domestic customer.
iii] you are not buying equipment from us for use in the home.
iv] that the DSRs and The Sale of Goods Act as a consumer or domestic buyer are therefore not applicable.

4] VAT in the UK

When quoting and invoicing for goods that we sell, supply or transfer within the UK – Morclean will always offer prices that are subject to VAT @ SR (the standard rate). When we sell, supply or transfer goods out of the UK to someone in another country we may need to charge VAT on them. Generally speaking, we can zero-rate supplies exported outside the European Union (EU), or sent to someone who’s registered for VAT in another EU country, provided we follow strict rules, obtain and keep the necessary evidence, and obey all laws.