We are often asked for guidance on how to use a new machine, especially when the operative is starting a new business. Here are some guidance notes to help you;

  1. Instruction books
    All steam cleaners, pressure washers and vacuum cleaning machines sent by carrier are delivered with instruction books, generally these will help you operate the machine safely. Please read these carefully and call us if there is something you don’t understand (or if these instructions appear to be missing).
  2. New 2004 CD Rom and Video
    We are currently preparing our new CD Rom and this contains many images of different applications depicting pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers, sweepers and vapour steam cleaners.
  3. Delivery
    If you purchase an industrial machine then one of our Technical Sales people with bring you the machine and spend time with you to demonstrate how to operate and maintain the machine efficiently and safely. Our demonstration unit is equipped with machines and accessories to do this anywhere in the UK.
  4. Call us!
    If you are really baffled then please pick up the ‘phone and give us a call! We do have real people here that are experienced and will be able to help, either ask for a Service Engineer or one of our Technical Sales people and we will do our best to help.
  5. Training Courses
    Occasionally (and dependant on the number of people and availability) we have either half or full day courses here at our offices in Chesterfield, these demonstrate the use of the machine and many different applications. We usually provide two of our technical people each with there own specialist knowledge.
  6. Clean Start
    Cleanstart, which are packages of cleaning equipment are especially put together for new business starters. The products are grouped into four categories. In each category there are 3 choices of Cleanstart cleaning packages. Each package contains a machine, or machines, suitable for the task. An appropriate range of accessories, consumables, detergents and chemicals, are included. In fact everything the end user needs to start up his or her business.
  7. Friends and Family
    In order to gain experience, try your machine at home, friends or family first. Don’t rush in and get caught out while at your first job! Whichever model of pressure washer, vacuum or steam cleaner you buy it’s best to have as much knowledge and experience as possible.
  8. The questions we’re asked most
    For extra advice please take a look at our FAQ’s: https://www.morclean.com/faq-highpressure.html tells you about high pressure cleaners, the range of models and the use of detergents while https://www.morclean.com/faq-upholstery.html tells you about carpet and upholstery cleaning, the do’s and don’ts and a guide to the environment.