New website launch

We are proud to launch our fresh new website which will replace the previous .com website. Previously a crowded and somewhat outdated site has now been totally re-vamped to enhance our customers digital experience. We believe a clear and attractive approach will help customers find what they’re needing and best display the ranges on offer-…


Morclean are going for gold- but they’re going to be winning with silver

Water is recirculated through these extra 2 series of filters separately from the traditional 3 stages so that they eliminate any issues of blockages or the need to stop to clean out filters during the day, there is also the new inclusion of a silver impregnated filter which contributes to the process. Finally the water is also aerated before it enters the main tank.

Instead of filtering the water in in the traditional way, Morclean are filtering the water separately in the 4th and 5th stages with added aeration so that the water quality is continually improving. What’s more – the extra filtering is carried out when the machine is idle. In effect the machine is cleaning its own water when it’s idle and not being used.


The Manchester Cleaning Show 2016

Morclean are delighted to announce that we shall be exhibiting at The Manchester Cleaning Show, April 6th-7th, 2016, Event City Manchester.

The Cleaning Show is the UK’s major event designed specifically for the Cleaning and Support services sector, an essential event for anyone responsible for cleaning, maintenance and hygiene from healthcare to hotel kitchens.

Following on from this year’s popular show which was held at ExCel London, the organisers, The British Cleaning Council and Quartz Media, have decided to bring the event to Manchester.