Hopkinson Transport

Stavely based Hopkinson Transport recently approached Morclean for the installation of a specialist jet wash and water reclaim system. Hopkinson’s Transport carry plastic pellets for Hydro Polymers, and their vehicle fleet needs to be washed inside and out. Morclean have installed a automatic jet wash system, an internal rotating cleaning head for the cleaning of…


Vapour Steamers go to Australia

In my role as Sales Admin part of what I do is to ensure that literature is always available to the sales team and quotations etc. are always sent out on time. After external training I now also look after the export of Vapour Steam cleaners and Specialist vacuums overseas. Our shipping agent’s documentation, commercial…


Peterborough City Council Vehicle Wash Installation

Peterborough City Council approached Morclean to design and install a mixed fleet Vehicle Wash System to clean their council vehicles. They wanted a single supplier to project manage the entire thing and Morclean came highly recommended. The combination wash bay includes a hydraulic scissorlift, van washing area, environmental screens, drainage, oil seperation and water recycling.…


Ultra clean electronics factory

GAI Tronics Ltd prides itself on the standard of its brand new manufacturing premises near Burton on Trent. To keep both the valuable manufacturing plant, components, and high quality flooring ultra clean the company chose Morclean cleaning equipment including a Scrubber dryer. The unit is used daily to maintain the high standard of cleanliness which…


W H Hoover

Mr W H Hoover has got a lot to answer for. The very first real Hoover was invented in 1907 by a gentleman called Murray Spangler. Aggravated by his asthma, while cleaning dust from rugs with a broom, he decided to invent something to find a solution to the problem. Unbelievably Spangler used a tin…


Channel Tunnel

While the Tunnel now seldom makes news headlines – as with its conception and construction – the maintenance and cleaning still is of importance to its operators. Morclean continues to supply cleaning equipment, wheel washers and floor sweepers to several operators in and around the tunnel.