Clean kitchens in Dubai

Dubai based cleaning contractors ‘Quality Environmental Cleaners’ purchased 2 Morclean vapour steam cleaners for use in cleaning kitchens. The Dubai based company contract clean, specialising in hotel and leisure industries’ kitchen areas. They are now using Morclean vapour steam cleaners for the steam cleaning of hoods, canopies, filters and vapour steam cleaning of ovens etc.

Clean graffiti with Vapour steam

Morclean are always looking for new avenues and opportunities to market their vapour steam cleaning machines. The latest success story is the use of a vapour steam cleaner for graffiti removal in subways. Morclean have supplied steam cleaners to contractors for cleaning graffiti in London Underground as well as subways. The process uses much less…


Chesterfield Rail Ale Festival 2017

In 2017 Morclean will be making a welcome visit to the Rail Ale festival due to take place at Barrow Hill Roundhouse, 18th-20th May 2017. The Rail Ale Festival will boast over 300 real ales, ciders, perrys, craft and world beers. Peter will be attending as a guest of Morclean and plans to secure a…


Channel Tunnel

While the Tunnel now seldom makes news headlines – as with its conception and construction – the maintenance and cleaning still is of importance to its operators. Morclean continues to supply cleaning equipment, wheel washers and floor sweepers to several operators in and around the tunnel.

BAT Uzbekistan

British American Tobacco, Uzbekistan has chosen Morclean to supply a range of scrubber dryers and sweeping machines for it’s new factory in Uzbekistan. The floor cleaning machines together with water recycling equipment and a range consumables were recently flown to the site with a 2 year supply of spares to maintain the cleanliness of the…