Channel Tunnel

While the Tunnel now seldom makes news headlines – as with its conception and construction – the maintenance and cleaning still is of importance to its operators. Morclean continues to supply cleaning equipment, wheel washers and floor sweepers to several operators in and around the tunnel.

Catering for All Your Needs with our Installation Projects

Morclean, Catering for all Your Vehicle Wash Needs Did you know that side of providing floor care, high-pressure cleaners, vapour steam machines, scrubber dryers, sweepers and specialist vacuums, we install drive through lorry washers, vehicle wash pads, interceptors, water recycling equipment, and more. Morclean caters to all vehicle wash needs, from car valeting equipment all…


BAT Uzbekistan

British American Tobacco, Uzbekistan has chosen Morclean to supply a range of scrubber dryers and sweeping machines for it’s new factory in Uzbekistan. The floor cleaning machines together with water recycling equipment and a range consumables were recently flown to the site with a 2 year supply of spares to maintain the cleanliness of the…


Award: Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice

Venue: Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster On 10th November 2014 Morclean collected a national environmental award for their Binwash City, from the Houses of Parliament. Morclean scooped the prestigious Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice at a ceremony at the Houses of Parliament in London, for their battery-operated wheelie bin cleaning machine. Click…