Compressed Air Driven Vacuum Units

It’s now 15 years since I started out as a service engineer for Morclean, repairing and servicing cleaning equipment. My background was the repair of Vacuum Cleaners, mostly conventional units. Here at Morclean, our management team have taken a more pro-active approach in searching for new products, opportunities, and ideas. One of the more recent…


Clean kitchens in Dubai

Dubai based cleaning contractors ‘Quality Environmental Cleaners’ purchased 2 Morclean vapour steam cleaners for use in cleaning kitchens. The Dubai based company contract clean, specialising in hotel and leisure industries’ kitchen areas. They are now using Morclean vapour steam cleaners for the steam cleaning of hoods, canopies, filters and vapour steam cleaning of ovens etc.

Cleanstart – the way forward

We receive on average 15 to 20 enquires per week from end users wanting to start up in business, as either a carpet cleaner, car valeter, drive and patio cleaner, or kitchen cleaner. These businesses can be lucrative ones, to those that work hard, and we recognise that the choice of equipment and endless list…


New chemicals and consumables

Most of the equipment we sell actually dispenses chemicals or detergents as part of the cleaning process. I have a lot to learn, and I am fairly new to the business, but I am delighted to be part of the new plans and the challenge of marketing and selling our new range of chemicals and…


Mrs Kelly puts Morclean to the test

Morclean were contacted by Mrs Kelly of Kelly Cleaners. The Glasgow based firm have been contract cleaners for a few years but had decided to specialise in ‘doing the jobs people hate’. Mrs Kelly contacted Morclean asking some very searching questions about the nature of steam cleaners and their use for cleaning domestic ovens. Morclean…