Superbugs Get All Steamed Up

Laboratory and hospital based evaluations into the effect of super-heated steam on hospital superbugs have been taking place in Yorkshire’s largest hospital trust using steam vacuum machines. The laboratory evaluations established that super-heated steam can kill laboratory grown hospital infection strains in less than two seconds, including the antibiotic resistant superbugs ‘MRSA’ and ‘VRE’ which…


Clean kitchens in Dubai

Dubai based cleaning contractors ‘Quality Environmental Cleaners’ purchased 2 Morclean vapour steam cleaners for use in cleaning kitchens. The Dubai based company contract clean, specialising in hotel and leisure industries’ kitchen areas. They are now using Morclean vapour steam cleaners for the steam cleaning of hoods, canopies, filters and vapour steam cleaning of ovens etc.

Mrs Kelly puts Morclean to the test

Morclean were contacted by Mrs Kelly of Kelly Cleaners. The Glasgow based firm have been contract cleaners for a few years but had decided to specialise in ‘doing the jobs people hate’. Mrs Kelly contacted Morclean asking some very searching questions about the nature of steam cleaners and their use for cleaning domestic ovens. Morclean…


Clean graffiti with Vapour steam

Morclean are always looking for new avenues and opportunities to market their vapour steam cleaning machines. The latest success story is the use of a vapour steam cleaner for graffiti removal in subways. Morclean have supplied steam cleaners to contractors for cleaning graffiti in London Underground as well as subways. The process uses much less…