Award winning, Market Leading Trailer Mounted Wheelie Bin Washers

Bin Wash machines or Wheelie Bin Washers from Morclean provide users with an economical entry into the lucrative bin cleaning market.

With just one machine you could see earnings of up to £165,000 per year which makes a machine like this worth its weight in gold.

The wheelie bin wash machines are easy to use and maintain. Simply place the bin on the lift mechanism and press the button to lift. Using the pressure washing system, clean out the bins whilst elevated, and lower the bins with the button one finished. Cleaning made easy! Not only do they speed up productivity but they help the user save time and money and water too!

All of our Wheelie Bin Washers come with a water filtration system. Some of them, like the City and Daily, have 3 stages, some like the Custom Plus are fitted with a 6-stage water filtration system and others, like the Custom 40, boast a whopping 8 stages of water filtration!

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Trailer Mounted Wheelie Bin Washers

There are three trailer mounted models in the Morclean range: The petrol-operated Binwash Custom and Custom Plus as well as the City; our brand new battery-operated machine.

The Perfect Start-Up Business Machine

The Morclean wheelie bin washers are sturdy, well engineered and quality-finished. entrepreneurial machines. These fully self-contained, purpose built, wheelie bin cleaning machines make the perfect start-up business machine, or addition to any current fleet.

Lucrative Bin Cleaning Market

Morclean bin cleaners provide owners and operators an economical and professional entry into the lucrative bin cleaning market. All you need is a vehicle capable of towing a small trailer and you are ready to offer a mobile service.

Static Wheelie Bin Washer

A wheelie bin washer can also be used in a fixed position at commercial and industrial facilities or provide bin cleaning solutions for example in hospitals, shopping centres, retail parks, prisons, theme parks etc or where there are a significant quantity of bins on site.