BinWash Custom TLX

Designed for cleaning heavy steel 660 litre bins and conventional plastic wheelie bins up to 1100 litres.

New from Morclean, the Custom TLX – trailer mounted bin wash. The Custom TLX is specifically designed to lift steel 660 litre bins, and will also lift up to 1100 litre conventional wheelie bins. The 660 litre bins are steel, much heavier than traditional bins, and are fitted with a steel box section rail.

These type of containers are often used by Local Authorities, and can be found outside restaurants, takeaways and other food outlets. The 660 litre metal bins of this type are popular due to being robust and heavy duty, while being small enough to manoeuvre through a doorway. The Morclean X has been specifically designed to not only elevate and tip the bin into the machine to be washed, but to also lift the bin into place hydraulically. The button controlled device ensures there’s no manual handling of these heavier metal bins.

Custom TLX cusotm bin washing machine

Petrol-powered compact self contained bin washing trailer.

customTLX logoOur petrol-powered Custom TLX Bin Wash is a quality-finished commercial machine designed for cleaning 660 litre and conventional plastic wheelie bins. Sturdy and engineered to be fully self-contained, this purpose-built lift and tilt machine makes the perfect addition to your current equipment. The industrial machine remains compact and durable, especially beneficial for commercial operators working in the restaurant, takeaway or catering markets

With the added tilt and lift feature and higher hydraulic specifications, the Bin Wash Custom TLX provides a cost-effective solution into the lucrative commercial and industrial bin washing market. Assembled using a heavy-duty galvanised trailer, baffled poly tank and stainless-steel catchment tray, the Bin Wash Custom TLX is a petrol powered, compact, sturdy and efficient cleaning machine.

The Custom TLX trailer mounted bin wash is mounted with the additional tilt and lift hydraulic mechanism, and fitted with a Honda GX engine, 50mm ball hitch, 2200 PSI pump, and features colour co-ordinated blue front and side covers. The extra lift capacity and tilt mechanism has been designed to provide a compact and manoeuvrable machine that still lifts industrial and heavy containers

Product Features

  • Practical and easy to use, twin button operation
  • Lift and tilt operation to eliminate manual handling
  • Clean either 660 litre metal bins or conventional plastic wheelie bins
  • Effortless two stage lift and tilt mechanism – all at the touch of a button
  • Galvanised heavy-gauge steel chassis and lift mechanism, fitted with durable components to ensure a long service life
  • 350L Baffled water tank of recycled water, for a full day’s work
  • Flat water tank design for a low centre of gravity
  • Machines allow you to wash bins legally as wash water is recycled as per the EA guidelines
  • EC/EU approved trailer
  • Fitted with a heavy-duty battery and high-capacity hydraulic pump
  • Fully protected low voltage electrics
  • Frost protection system using integral filler pipe
  • High pressure pump, with a long reach 1.5 metre wash lance
  • Fast washing process – jet wash up to 1100 litre containers
  • Superb earnings potential! Ideal for commercial and restaurant bin cleaning

Technical Specifications

Engine: Honda GX Electric start
Pump: 3 Cylinder ceramic pistons
Pressure: 2200 Psi
Flow: 11Lpm
Tank: Poly tank & 0.014mm inner
Battery: 100Ah in box
Lift: 12V lift galvanised


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    Custom TLX cusotm bin washing machine

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    The National Association of Wheelie Bin Washers represents those wheelie bin washing companies that are able to satisfy the associations entry criteria, which requires them to comply with all existing legislation and guidelines for the washing of bins using high pressure pumps.

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