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Automatically cleans any size of EU wheelie bin

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Automatic bin wash the ‘BinWash AUTO’ is the ultimate in design and specification in the range of Morclean bin washing machines.

The system automatically cleans any size of EU wheelie bin with rotating cleaning heads, so that there is no manual cleaning required by the operator.
The BinWash AUTO also contains the wash water and overspray within the structure of the bin wash machine and is ideal for sensitive, medical, or hospital environments, where the overspray of contaminated water is a risk.

Wheeled bins of any size can be washed automatically while water is contained within the device, and operates with dual cleaning heads and a hydraulic lift and lower mechanism to eliminate all manual handling.

Download our AUTO leaflet: Morclean AUTO Bin Wash-Leaflet-2021

Automatic Bin Wash Machine


Bins of various sizes and dimensions can be wheeled to the lift mechanism which adjusts to the height of the bin. The adjustable lift mechanism is activated by switch so that there is no manual handling required to lift bins onto the machine.
Bins are then elevated using a ‘one button’ operation and are lifted into a contained housing before the cleaning heads are activated. The outer housing provides a secondary anti-splash area around the wheelie bin, which itself is also by default containing any overspray.
The automated cleaning heads are then switched on, and the bi-directional high-power rotary heads operate on a 360-degree double axis to ensure all 3 sides and the base of the bin are thoroughly cleaned without the need for any manual washing.
After the residual water is drained into the enclosed catchment area, the bins are then lowered to the floor again where the adjustable mechanism ensures they are back to the finished floor level and do not need to be lifted off the device.


The BinWash AUTO can also be installed within a poly-carbonate splash screen and the entire system fitted over a surface mounted drainage grid to reduce or eliminate any ground works or the need for drainage channels.
For washing the external sides of the bins the optional hand lance with hose reels and posts can be fitted to the adjacent wash area.
For additional safety a gated barrier can also be installed with an override switch to ensure that there are no operators in the wash area as the bins are raised and lowered, and that the bins are in place before the cleaning heads are activated.


Bin Wash Auto LITE

Automatically clean single bins of up to 230 litres capacity

The Morclean bin wash LITE is an automated single lift bin wash, designed to automatically clean single bins of up to 230 litres capacity. Smaller and more compact than the twin lift AUTO model, the machine is electrically driven with a powerful rotary head that will quickly and effectively clean the inside of domestic wheelie bins. Fitted with a 20 Lpm pump, safety unloader and optional hand lance, the LITE machine also recycles water and has additional water fresher dosing fitted as standard. The lift is operated by easy to use switches, and the lifting arm features a lockable securing mechanism for odd shaped bins that can often be found in supermarkets, leisure centres and shopping centres.

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