Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine: Skid

A unique and versatile machine that can be fitted to and lifted on and off the client’s own existing trailer. Simply hook the wheelie bin on to the lifting mechanism at the rear of the machine, press the one button and the machine is lifted. All of our bin cleaning machines provide owners and operators an economical and professional entry in to the lucrative bin cleaning market.

The Bin Wash Skid offers all of the great features of the original machines but is not trailer mounted, so it is ideal if you have your own trailer that you would like to use for the cleaning of wheelie bins.

The machine allows you to clean two domestic bins at a time and is made with a heavy duty galvanised trailer or frame. Durable and efficient, the Bin Wash makes easy work of an otherwise difficult job.

  • Skid mounted and fixed frame
  • GX Electric start engine
  • 3 Cylinder ceramic pistons
  • 2200 PSI
  • 11 Lpm
  • Poly tank and 0.014mm inner
  • 100Ah in box battery
  • 12v Lift and galvanised frame
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The Morclean BinWash machines are incredibly easy to use, just fix the wheelie bin onto the lifting mechanism at the rear of the machine, press one button and the bin is lifted. Cleaning is effortless and the bin can be spotless in seconds.

  • Once elevated, the Morclean system drains the bin into a catchment tray in one simple process – water is filtered and ready to re-use throughout the day.
  • The trailer systems can also be used as a trailer-mounted pressure washer direct from a mains water supply, for drivewaypaving and decking cleaning, providing extra revenue. The trailer-mounted machines are portable so that your vehicle isn’t dedicated to this system and can be used for other duties.
  • All that is required for a trailer-mounted Bin Wash machine is a vehicle capable of towing 800kg with a standard 50mm ball hitch and two electric trailer sockets – one for the trailer lights and one for the power.
  • The trailer models have their own battery to start the engine and work the bin lift, which is topped up by the Honda engine and charged by the vehicle from the socket. If no socket is available, then the machine can run up to one week off the battery. The fixed machine uses an electrically operated 110v motor and low voltage controls for safety.
  • The engine-driven  Bin Wash Custom Plus model has a standard petrol tank which can last up to one week if cleaning up to 100 bins per day.

Three easy steps to start your own bin cleaning business using Bin Wash…

  1. See the machine working at Morclean’s premises, we can demonstrate and let you handle the machine – try it for yourself and see how easy it is to use.
  2. Buy outright, or lease options are available with no franchise or geographical restrictions – all we need is a deposit to secure your machine.
  3. Start your own bin cleaning round; advertise online and boast about the fantastic features to gain a competitive edge.

Earn up to £165,000 with this impressive machine – See the table of potential earnings depicting the lucrative bin cleaning market.

The National Association of Wheelie Bin Washers represents those wheelie bin washing companies that are able to satisfy the associations entry criteria, which requires them to comply with all existing legislation and guidelines for the washing of bins using high pressure pumps.

We are proud to be part of an association with aims to provide a forum to monitor and influence UK and EU legislation with regard to the washing of wheelie bins whilst policing the industry on behalf of its members to try and improve standards within the association’s membership. It also aims to influence both Councils and Government with regard to the policing of those companies that do not respect present legislation and guidelines whilst carrying out the activity of washing wheelie bins.

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