Concept of Interlok – back to basics

I once read an article written by someone who subsequently claimed to have dreamt the content of the article while sat on a railway platform. Two minutes of inspiration, while waiting for a connection, inspired him to grab the first available piece of paper where upon he went onto draft his ideas. His inspiration resulted…


AquaBoom explained

AquaBoom can be used where water retention is temporary or other insulations can not be put into place. The AquaBoom is made in sections and can be easily clicked together for prompt operation. The basics are that the boom is clicked together laid on the floor which forms a seal, and a barrier to retain…


Few remaining textile companies

The Textile industry has dramatically decreased in the UK, yet its plight still remains an un-sung case – accounting for more closures than other more newsworthy industries. However Morclean is proud to be dealing with many of the remaining UK works, including ‘MP Textiles Ltd’ who has dealt with Morclean since the mid-eighties. MP Textiles…


Channel Tunnel

While the Tunnel now seldom makes news headlines – as with its conception and construction – the maintenance and cleaning still is of importance to its operators. Morclean continues to supply cleaning equipment, wheel washers and floor sweepers to several operators in and around the tunnel.

W H Hoover

Mr W H Hoover has got a lot to answer for. The very first real Hoover was invented in 1907 by a gentleman called Murray Spangler. Aggravated by his asthma, while cleaning dust from rugs with a broom, he decided to invent something to find a solution to the problem. Unbelievably Spangler used a tin…