Mini 1000 Wash Bay
Morclean Mini Wash Bay

Designed for smaller car wash operators and lighter use, the MINI wash bay interceptor is 1000 litres capacity and a compact size. The single stage tank is ideal for smaller wash bays where minimum settlement is required or for lower volume wash locations.
Manufactured from HDPE (High-density polyethylene) the below ground tank can be easily installed by your local builder with less excavation and backfill. Can be used in conjunction with a Morclean SG1 Silt Guard for lower volume car or vehicle cleaning

mini wash bay diagram

Product Code: MINI 1000 wash bay
Height (mm): 1785
Diameter (mm): 1560
Capacity (Litres): 1000
Capacity (Gallons): 200
Colour: Black
Shape: Round
Material: HDPE (High density polyethylene)
Tank Use: Below Ground
Flowrate: 10 Litres min
Vehicles per Hour: 4 (Approximate)
Nominal Capacity: 1000 litres
Footprint (allowing for backfill)
Length A: 1560 mm
Width B: 1560 mm
Depth C: 1785 mm

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