Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer: MSD360B

Designed for smaller areas, this compact pedestrian scrubber dryer has a scrubbing width of 360mm/14″. Perfect for applications in smaller scale areas and tight/narrow spaces such as public bathrooms, narrow corridors, restaurants and cafes and also for areas where access is very limited. Featuring adjustable handles for easy manoeuvring, an on board battery charger and easy fill solution tank.

Ideal for applications in industries such as: food, education, shipping, industrial, commercial, quarrying, cars and more.

compact pedestrian scrubber dryer

The Morclean MSD360B comes with the below as standard:

  • Construction: Reinforced polyethylene chassis & tank
  • Traction: Brush assisted
  • Ergonomic control panel inc. safety switches
  • Control panel: push button
  • Fully adjustable handle system for access in confined spaces
  • Separate brush, water and suction push buttons
  • Adjustable control valve for water and detergent
  • Electric water solenoid switch
  • Recovery tank warning light
  • Battery level indicator with low level cut-off system
  • Polyurethane coated rear wheels
  • Brush motor with lifetime lubrication
  • Manual brush and squeegee lifting operation
  • Easy fill solution tank
  • Dirty water drain hose
  • PPL brush
  • 2 x wet sealed batteries and on-board battery charger

Technical Specification


Brush Size: 1 x 360mm (14″)
Cleaning Performance: 900m2 p/hour
Drive System: Brush Assisted Traction
Power System: Battery Powered
Product Weight: 97kg
Recovery Tank Capacity: 16L
Total Scrubbing Width: 360mm / 14″
Squeegee Width: 470mm
Solution Tank Capacity: 13L


Due to being compact and small in size, the Morclean MSD360B is perfect for cleaning in narrow and hard to reach spaces such as public restrooms. Scrub up and drity and debris gathered on tiles.

Educational Institutes

Schools, Colleges and Universities can get a lot of build up on the floors. Muddy footprints, food, drinks and more. The Morclean MSD360B is perfect for getting into small, hard to reach areas with its compact and maneuverable body and adjustable handles.

Poolside Areas

Tiles around public pool areas can become dirty and grimey over time, due to constant use. Blast away build up inbetween tiles with ease with the Morclean 360B Scrubber Drier and keep pool side areas clean and hygenic.

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