MSD660 R BT Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

Versatile floor cleaning up to 3,200 m2 per hour!

The small size of this compact ride on scrubber allows for great manoeuvrability and its comfortable, ergonomic seat and user-friendly control panel provides improved productivity in areas normally cleaned by walk-behind scrubber dryers.

Compact ride on scrubber dryer for improved performance

Designed for the maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas of up to 3,250smq per hour; the MSD660 R BT compact ride on scrubber dryer provides a considerable reduction in cleaning costs. The machines extremely compact size allows for greater manoeuvrability, like the walk-behind models, while its rear wheel drive function (on 2 wheels) enables the machine to conquer remarkable slopes.

The MSD660 R BT’s comfortable and ergonomic seat allows the operator to work effortlessly for long periods of time, thus improving productivity, while the pressure of its scrubbing unit, with double brush and steel brush plate, results in the easy, deep clean of any type of dirt.

With its user-friendly control panel and steering wheel with digital control and display, this machine is the most versatile floor cleaner in our range for use in any application in a variety of sectors, including schools and universities, car showrooms and service areas, warehousing and distribution centres, hotels and leisure facilities, local government community centres, food manufacturing and processing areas, hospitals, and supermarkets.

Product Features

  • Double counter rotating brush (66cm scrubbing width) for better stability and constant pressure.
  • Great working autonomy (4.5 hours) due to possibility of using 4 batteries 6 V 240 Ah and rear wheel-drive.
  • Large load capacity tank (real load of 75L), resulting in reduced numbers of stops and maximum use of battery for effective operation of the machine.
  • Automatic device that stops brushes and detergent water outflow when the machine is stationary.
  • Steering wheel with digital controls and display.
  • Scrubbing unit with double brush with brush plate made of steel for a great pressure (32Kg) on the floor resulting in an easy and deep cleaning of any kind of dirt.
  • Rear wheel-drive on 2 wheels allows the machine to get over remarkable slopes.
  • Its very compact size makes it perfect to work in small areas where walk behind models are usually used.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 24V
Working width: 660mm
Squeegee width: 855mm
Max working capacity: 3250m2/H
Detergent tank capacity: 80L
Recovery tank capacity stop/total: 80L-85L
Traction/traction motor power: rear-wheel drive/400W
RPM/Brush pressure: 170 RPM/32Kg
Brush motor power: 2x400W
Detergent solution system: Solenoid valve
Depression: 1700 mmH2O
Vacuum motor power: 400W
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    MSD660 R BT Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

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