Trash Cart Cleaning Trailer

Trash cart cleaning is fast becoming a lucrative option for entrepreneurs as more and more citizens are demanding clean and fresh waste and recycle carts outside their homes and businesses.

The TR200 trash cart cleaner gives owners and operators an economical and professional entry into the fast increasing refuse cart cleaning market. All you need is an automobile to tow a small trailer and you are ready to offer a mobile service (see projected earnings data).

64 & 95 Gallon Waste & Recycle Cart Washer

The trailer-mounted TR200 trash cart cleaner lifts and washes two 64 or 95 gallon capacity commercial and industrial waste & recycles carts.

Loading and unloading the trash carts takes just seconds of your time; press one button and the carts are safely loaded and ready for washing.

Powerful Wash System

Powered by a Honda engine, the 200 bar (300psi) pressure washer quickly and effectively washes trash carts. The automatic dosing system reduces the bacterial count, eradicating bad odors.

Be Bold With Cold

  • Six phases of water treatment
  • With unique silver filtration
  • Bacterial growth inhibited
  • Water continually cleansed
  • Automatic detergent dosing
  • Very low running costs
  • One tank of water lasts all day
  • No need to heat water

A Truly Mobile Trash Cart Cleaner

Confidently service and maintain your bin washing route with this sturdy, well-engineered, fully self-contained trash cart cleaning machine.

A Unique Six Stage Water Treatment System

The TR200 is currently the only trash cart cleaning machine to have six stages of water treatment.

The machine processes waste water throughout the day (even when in standby).

The wash water is being continually conditioned and the water simply gets cleaner and cleaner, the more it is recycled.

A win-win machine!

This means one tank of water can last you the whole day, increasing the number of customers you can service.

The added bonus of continually conditioning the water is not having the expense of having to keep the water hot. Talk to us if you are not convinced.

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