Chemical-free Weed Control

Ideal for landscapers, facilities management and groundworkers

In the eternal battle against weeds, landscapers, FM Companies, Groundworkers and Contractors are constantly seeking new and effective methods to rid their landscapes of these persistent intruders.While chemical herbicides have long been the go-to solution, there is an alternative method which Morclean has been researching in recent years – the use of hot water.

This unconventional approach harnesses the power of heat to scorch and eliminate unwanted weeds, providing a natural and environmentally-friendly solution.

stages of hot water application to kill a weed

Let’s explore the science and the benefits

The Science and the Benefits

Hot water has proven to be a formidable weapon against weeds due to its ability to disrupt the delicate balance of a plant’s cellular structure. When hot water is applied onto a weed, the intense heat rapidly raises the temperature of the plant tissues, causing irreparable damage. The high temperatures essentially cook the plant from the inside out, resulting in the collapse of its cell membranes and the denaturation of vital proteins.

Unlike chemical herbicides, hot water poses no threat to the environment, water supply, or beneficial insects. It is a completely natural and non-toxic solution, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious gardeners.

Hot water is readily available using a Morclean hot water generator and applicator, eliminating the need for herbicides or harmful chemicals.

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Practical and Environmentally-friendly

Morclean Weed Control is ideal for Local Authorities, Contractors, Facilities Management, parks, shopping centres, ground care, retail parks, golf courses, recreational areas etc.

 Unlike chemical sprays that can harm surrounding plants, hot water can be applied directly to the weeds without affecting desirable vegetation. This precision allows for more effective weed control while minimising collateral damage.

The heat of a Morclean hot water generator water delivers rapid results, causing weeds to wither and die within hours. This makes it an ideal method for dealing with fast-growing and invasive species that can quickly take over gardens and public areas.

Hot water, with its ability to deliver a swift and lethal blow to weeds, has emerged as a promising alternative to chemical herbicides. Its environmentally-friendly nature, cost-effectiveness, and targeted application make it an attractive option for those seeking a natural approach to weed control.

Close up of the hot water nozzle as it blasts weeds with hot water

How Hot Water Kills Weeds

Hot water has been used as a weed control method for many years, but how does it actually work? When hot water is applied over weeds, the intense heat causes damage to the plant’s cellular structure. The high temperatures disrupt the cell membranes and denature proteins, leading to the collapse of the plant’s tissues

The heat from the hot water penetrates the plant, reaching the root system and destroying the weed’s structure. The force of the water landing on the weed and roots also helps break down the plant’s structure

This method is particularly effective against broad-leaf weeds, although it may require more water to reach the root system of plants with fibrous roots.

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