Morclean's Weed Control System Q&A

Do I need to add anything to the water?

No. The Morclean Weed Control System uses just hot water. When applied correctly, it can be just effective as chemical herbicides. No costly additives are required.

How much water is needed per meter square?

The amount of water for Morclean’s Weed Control System usually depends on the density of the weeds. The more weeds, the more time and water required. As an approximate you should expect to need around 2-2.5 litres of water per M2

How quickly do the weeds die?

The weed will wilt immediately, and the majority will be dead within 24 -48 hours. Some larger hardier weeds may need a second application just to get down to the depths of the root.

How hot does the water need to be?

Research shows that hot water of between approximately 42 and 95 Degrees Celsius will kill  weeds. Evidently the hotter the water then the more effective this process should be. Morclean’s range of machines are all thermostatically controlled up to 95 degrees.

Is it safe to use?                                     

Of course any hot water can scald, so care is advised when using and we always advise the operators to wear suitable PPE when applying. Other than this advisory, it is completely safe to use in outdoor environments. There are no lingering smells, chemicals or harsh toxins like a traditional herbicide.

It is safer to use in all weathers, as there is nothing for the wind to carry. It is also safer to use in an area where they’re could be pets or children after application, and safer to use around any water sources.

 How long does it take the water to heat up?

Depending on the ambient temperature and the temp of the inlet water, it takes around 30 secs to 1.5 mins to heat the water (from cold)

How does it kill the weeds?

The heat from the water weakens the protective barrier on the leaves and then damages the cell structure of the weed. Morclean Weed Control Systems can maintain a steady water temperature without the water losing heat – this makes it so effective and keep the plant in the ‘kill zone’. If the hot water is at a low pressure and a consistent hot temperature, this is the best way to kill not only the visible part of the weed, but deep into the root.

 What Happens when hot water is applied?

The weeds can often turn a vibrant green when the water is first applied. Within a few moments the colour will start to drain. After a few hours, the weed will be shrivelled and within 24-48 hours they should be brown in colour. After application, the weeds are no longer able to retain moisture and dehydrate completely. The water also penetrates the top layer of the soil and be able to get to the root. As the leaves can no longer photosynthesise, the weeds are starved and they continue to dry up and die.

How much water will the machine consume?

If the trigger on the lance is pressed for 1 whole minute, depending on the model of machine supplied then the flow is 12-15 litres per minute.

Is hot water the best method to use to control weeds?

There have been independent studies that claim that hot water was the most effective way to control weeds, and resulted in the least amount of regrowth. Therefore, not only is it the most effective, it is the least harmful to the planet and eco system, as it is just water and no harsh polluting chemicals.

How many applications?

Some weeds, such as moss and algae, will only need one application. Some thicker and hardier may need a second go over just to make sure the bigger root is penetrated again by the hot water. Some variations of weeds may need applications throughout the year to keep them at bay – but this is no different to chemical herbicides.

Does hot water kill the whole weed or just the leaves?

The Morclean Weed Control System maintains a steady high temperature that can penetrate through the leaves to the root, and maintain it in the ‘kill zone’ as the heat travels through the whole of the plant. It damages the cells of the weed, so the weed cannot retain any moisture. It then shrivels up and dies within the next few hours.

Can I just get the weeds and not other plants I want to keep?

The head of the lance allows you to aim at just the weeds you would like to target. By the time the water has permeated through to meet any other plants the temperature will have cooled so it will not cause damage to the plants you do not want to kill.

Can I use this in all weathers?

Inclement weather conditions do not effect the hot water application, so there is no need to cancel jobs or cause costly downtime if the weather turns against you.

 What surfaces can I use this on?

As the application is low pressure, there would be no damage to delicate monuments or paving. Only water is used so there would be no staining or discoloration as there can be with some herbicides and chemicals.

Close up of the hot water nozzle as it blasts weeds with hot water
hot water weed control machine
Demonstrating the control panel of the WCS/LH hot water weed controlling machine
stages of hot water application to kill a weed
Control weeds using hot water with this superb piece of Morclean Engineering kit!
Operatove applying chemical free weed control