Ride On Compact Sweeper: MSW65R

The MSW65R Ride On Compact Floor Sweeper from Morclean, is perfect machine for applications in areas that are small, narrow, tight or just hard to get to with a larger machine. With impeccable reliability and sturdy performance, the MSW65R Ride On Compact Floor Sweeper cleans spaces containing narrow aisles and doorways with ease.

Featuring both forward and reverse traction and simple controls, this floor sweeper is very easy to operate.

The MSW65R Ride On Compact Floor Sweeper comes with the below as standard:

  • Batteries: 2 x 12v wet batteries plus charging unit
  • PPL main brush and side brush
  • Electronic speed control
  • Battery level indicator
  • Safety: horn & flashing rear light
  • Steel hopper container with lifting flap for bulk waste
  • Chassis: Tough heavy-duty steel
  • Operation: Mechanical
  • Controls: Easy to use
  • Traction: Forward and reverse
  • Flexible moveability
  • Brushes: quick ‘no tools’ replacement
  • Polyester cartridge filters: Five
  • Electric filter shaker


Optional extras:

  • Complete left hand side brush
  • Choice of filters and brushes

Technical Specifications


Type: Compact Ride On
Working Capacity: 4900m2 per hour
Traction Drive: Forward & Reverse
Filter Surface Area: 4m/sq
Main Brush Sweeping Width: 650mm
With RH Side Brush: 850mm
Unit Weight: 262kg
Dimensions HxWxD: 1.21m x .80m x 1.15m
Power Supply: 2 x Battery 12v 180ah
Waste Hopper Capacity: 55 litres
Min. U-Turn Space: 2.27m

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