From local to international causes

Morclean have taken part in many community events this year and helped bring many events to residents of Derbyshire. Most support has been offered in the form of hands-on event management and the loaning of equipment to offer security and safety at public events.

Although there are no set policies in place, Morclean works hard to always be pro-active in the community and demonstrate commitment. A few of the events that have received help from Morclean are listed below:

Ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro in aid of Childreach International

Childreach International

Supporting Susan Glover in helping the children of Tanzania

In our continued efforts to help support local businesses and individuals, we are proudly supporting Susan Glover in her attempt to raise money for the charity Childreach International. In Summer 2017 she will embark on her adventure to raise money for Childreach International; an inspiring children’s charity who work to restore children’s rights. Their vision is something close to Susan’s heart and is something that is fundamental to her current studies.

Supporting Local Teams

Matlock Women's Rugby Team Morclean are proud to support local sports teams such as The Matlock Rugby Team and, most recently, the new Matlock Women’s Rugby Team.

We help by sponsoring the team events and committing to free promotion for the teams via our online channels.

Supporting Local Projects

Donations and volunteers to the Chesterfield Canal Trust

Morclean has an abundance of equipment available to help the local community and we are always looking for ways to help.

We recently lent one of our bowser high-pressure washers to a local canal renovation project. The aim of the project is to restore the Staveley Town Lock and Hartington Harbour.

The Chesterfield Canal Trust has spent well over £120,000 on the project (£45,000 of which has come from donations) which is a huge amount of money. Unsurprisingly the Trust were really appreciative when we offered to lend them one of our water bowser pressure washer machines free of charge to help assist in the cleaning of the site.

The bowser is ideal for construction sites which don’t have immediate access to an electricity source and it runs solely off of a battery. It has been used to effectively wash down equipment and clean down stone.

To read more about the project and to see pictures from the renovation so far you can follow this link to the Chesterfield Canal Trust page: 

Helping Young People in Business

Prince's Trust logo

CEO Peter Morley is a firm believer in ‘giving back to society’ and supports many local and national charities. Together with this he also works with The Prince’s Trust as a voluntary business mentor on The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme by providing one-to-one support, guidance, encouragement and inspiration to young people.

The Prince’s Trust was created by HRH The Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales in 1976.

His Royal Highness is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK. He founded His Trust to deliver on that commitment.

Maazi Food Festival

The Maazi food festival in Matlock is staged by volunteers and is an event which brings together local food producers and traders together in the historic spa town of Matlock.

The organisation aims to develop links between community and businesses. Morclean helps promote the event through their social media channels and volunteered to help organise the stalls. Crowd management was also offered with the supply of a Morclean vehicle to provide an access point to walkie talkies and access to equipment.

Christmas Markets in Matlock

The Matlock Victorian Christmas Market

Morclean likes to get into the festive spirit and has enjoyed help organise two festive events, the Matlock Victorian Christmas Market and the Matlock Christmas Market.

One event was organised privately and the other in liaison with the Matlock County Council.

Both events required use of a Morclean vehicle to carry equipment such as lighting.

The events were also heavily promoted on our corporate social media which resulted in a brilliant turnout to both markets.

The next Victorian Christmas Market is 1st to 3rd December, 2017. We shall see you there!

Matlock Dales and CAMRA Beer Festival

Real Ale in a Matlock and Dales CAMRA engraved beer glass

Matlock County Council hosted a CAMRA beer festival in the County Hall at Matlock, Derbyshire.

We provided sponsorship for the official event guide and attended both of the days.

Strong social media promotion was also supplied.