Solar Power Bin Wash Machine

High specification machine fitted with a solar panel for additional clean energy

The Custom SOLAR machine is fitted with 6 stages of water treatment and a re-circulation system that inhibits the growth of bacteria. The Custom SOLAR is a market leader and one of our best-selling bin wash machines. With added features and specifications, the engine driven Bin Wash Custom SOLAR provides a cost-effective solution in to the lucrative bin washing market.

Assembled using a heavy-duty galvanised trailer, baffled poly tank and stainless-steel catchment, the Bin Wash SOLAR is a compact, sturdy and efficient cleaning machine.

solar powered binwash

Product Features

  • Practical and easy to use
  • Can lift hinged bins
  • Clean either two domestic bins at a time, or one commercial bin
  • Effortless two-bin lifting mechanism at the touch of a button
  • Galvanized heavy-gauge steel chassis and durable components to ensure a long service life
  • Baffled water tank of recycled water, for a full days work
  • Flat water tank design for a low centre of gravity
  • Can be used as a portable pressure washer for driveway, patio and decking cleaning
  • Machines allow you to wash bins legally as wash water is recycled as per the EA guidelines
  • EC/EU approved trailer
  • Fitted with a heavy-duty battery
  • Fully protected low voltage electrics
  • Frost protection system using integral filler pipe
  • High pressure pump, with a long reach 1.5 metre wash lance
  • Fast washing process – typically 10-30 seconds for a domestic bin
  • Very low running costs – typically about £1.50 per day (including petrol, disinfectant etc.)
  • Superb earnings potential!

Solar Power

This version of the popular Custom Plus machine now boasts the additional feature of solar power.

By en-capturing this additional source of power, the machine is able to charge itself using clean energy and generate a further 1.25 AMPS. As well as recycling the water used in the tank, this model has now created another clean energy source making it the most eco-friendly model of it’s kind on the market.

  • 2200 psi jet washer
  • 1450kg gross 520kg unladen trailer
  • 80mm drawbar section and couplings
  • 175 x 13 tyres
  • Twin ram system

Certificate of Conformity

Morclean Ltd. declares under their sole responsibility that their:
Morclean Wheelie Bin Washing Machines
listed as the following 7 models:
Custom, Custom Plus+, Bin Wash 40, DAILY, SKID, STATIC and City

Comply with the Essential Requirements of the following EU Directives:
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

and further conform with the following EU Harmonized Standards as aplicable:

EN 60204-1:2006 + A1:2009
EN ISO 14120:2015
EN 809:1998+A1:2009
EN ISO 4413:2010
EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011
EN 61000-6-1:2007

Morclean Custom Plus BinWash Bin Cleaning Machines Industrial Cleaning Equipment


The Bin Wash machines are incredibly easy to use, just fix the wheelie bin onto the lifting mechanism at the rear of the machine, press one button and the bin is lifted. Cleaning is effortless and the bin can be spotless in seconds.

Once elevated, the Morclean system drains the bin into a catchment tray in one simple process – water is filtered and ready to re-use throughout the day.

The trailer systems can also be used as a trailer-mounted pressure washer direct from a mains water supply, for driveway, paving and decking cleaning, providing extra revenue. The trailer-mounted machines are portable so that your vehicle isn’t dedicated to this system and can be used for other duties.

All that is required for a trailer-mounted Bin Wash machine is a vehicle capable of towing 800kg with a standard 50mm ball hitch and two electric trailer sockets – one for the trailer lights and one for the power.

The trailer models have their own battery to start the engine and work the bin lift, which is topped up by the Honda engine and charged by the vehicle from the socket. If no socket is available, then the machine can run up to one week off the battery. The fixed machine uses an electrically operated 110v motor and low voltage controls for safety.

Filtration System

6 Stages of treatment 

The 6 Stages of water treatment is an innovative system which inhibits the growth of bacteria and promotes water recycling within the bin wash machine.

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    solar powered binwash

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    The National Association of Wheelie Bin Washers represents those wheelie bin washing companies that are able to satisfy the associations entry criteria, which requires them to comply with all existing legislation and guidelines for the washing of bins using high pressure pumps.

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