medium electric pressure washer

Electric Medium Pressure Cleaning

Zero Emissions & Water Savings

lo-flowIntroducing The LoFlow medium pressure cleaner featuring ZERO fumes!

The unit is all electric, operations are fume free and clean.

Portable or fixed, The LoFlow is an all electric heated medium pressure washer, operating at either 2.5 litres or 5 litres per minute flow rate.

This is a significant water saving compared with a traditional diesel-fired pressure washer operating at between 15 to 21 litres per minute.

The Power of High Pressure

Operating at 150 bar, the power at the nozzle matches that of a high pressure washer but with a drastic reduction in water usage.

Ideal for Transport, Motor Trade and Food Environments

The LoFlow is ideal for food, beverage, bakery, marine, transport or clinical environments where higher flow rates are prohibitive.

Steam has been an alternative for high pressure cleaners however operators often report a lack of power and an increase in cleaning time because steam can be less effective on larger areas.

Morclean’s LoFlow machine meets this demand for power at the nozzle while using as little as 11% of the water!

Morclean’s LoFlow system:

  • Portable OR fixed
  • Water savings from 750 to 960 litres/hour
  • The power of high pressure at 150 bar
  • Ideal for food and beverage areas, bakeries
  • Time-saving compared to steam cleaning

LoFlow Models and Specifications

LoFlow 10 LoFlow 20
Volts 415/440v 50Hz 415/440v 50Hz
Motor 1.5kW 2.2kW
Pressure (bar) 70-150 70-150
Flow (Lpm) 2.5 5.0
Output Temp 70/90°C with + 60°C heat exchange*
Amps 16 32
kW 10 20
Output Temp 70/90°C with + 60°C heat exchange*
Inlet Max Temp 35°C (optional pump for 60°C)
Control 24v with auto stop
Design 304 Stainless Steel
Complete with Hose, gun and lance

*dependant on inlet temp; Inlet temp °C + heat exchange °C = output temp °C

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