Designed for smaller wash bays and car valeting sites, the wash bay sumps are a single stage tank of up to 1000ltrs capacity. Supplied with a D400 grating with a 600mm opening, wash water is contained within the separator tank to allow water to settle prior to connection to the mains foul drain.


The build-up of silt and dirt from vehicles is a major problem particularly from vehicle wash facilities and wash bay tank  is designed to effectively trap the silt before it enters the foul drainage system.


The Wash Bay range is especially suited to hand car washing or smaller jet washing and valeting locations where there is a build-up of silt. For heavier washing or busier sites then we also have a range of 2 and 3 stage wash bay interceptors that you can view here

The Wash Bay  Sump Separators are  an extremely robust range of sumps  that can be installed in a wash bay or car wash area. The range features two smaller silt traps at 275 litre (the SS1) and 450 litres (the SS2)  silt retention and a larger 1000 litre unit namely the SS3.

All the units are supplied with a D400 Heavy Duty open grating for surface water catchment from vehicle wash bays.


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