Slow Race 2023

Another successful Slow Rally for 2023

Morclean at the Slow Rally 2023

Once again Peter Morley, MD at Morclean Ltd, has supported the Slow Rally held in Guastalla (RE) Italy. This years event saw even  more collectable cars entering the annual race, where the winner comes last!

All monies raised during the event are split between Fairplay in Chesterfield and Anffas in Italy and we’re proud to support this event again this time

Peter Morley (MD) added “I have seen first hand the people that we directly help when money is raised for these two organisations. I’m delighted to be part of the whole team that organises this event”

Headed up by Gino Tosi, and associate of Morclean, the race saw a selection of cars touring 5 laps on the cobbled streets of Guastalla, with Gino and his colleagues presenting a prize a the end

A smiling Gino was quoted as saying “last year, the winner came last – only because he wanted to stop for the toilet on the 3rd lap…”

The light hearted afternoon is fun, with bubbles for the visitors and orange juice for the drivers, with a presentation held at the Mancini Bar in Guastallas’ main Piazza! However there’s a serious side to this; The monies raised provide actual help and support to these two organisations, with adults supported by  Anffas entering the race as passengers, providing a fantastic experience for them all

Slow Race 2022

Once again I’ll be supporting the Slow Race held  in Guastalla, Northern Italy.

The 8th edition will be held on Fri 21st October and  I’m raising money for both Anfass (Reggio IT) and Fairplay (Chesterfield UK). The winner is the car to come in last, with disabled guests enjoying a ride in a fabulous selection of cars

This year on Friday 21st October, the 8th edition of the Slow Race  will  once again be held in Guastalla – a town in the Reggio Emilia area of Northern Italy. A selection of classic cars will attend and race around the town centre cobbled  streets such Via Gonzaga, with the  race starting in Piazza Mazzini.

Last year saw Ferraris, a Fiat Army Jeep, VW Beetle,  Maserati’s, MG, Jaguar, Mercedes, Jaguars, Porcha etc. Some cars with €250,000 price tag  and also  the ‘priceless’ and  infamous 1970’s olive  green Fiat 500 driven by the event organiser Gino Tosi

So what’s different about this race? The winner comes last! All cars are timed around a set circuit and a ‘leader board’ is displayed in the Piazza for all the crowd to see. At the end of the race, all the times are checked and the slowest car completing several laps around the town is the winner

Not only that, but a selection of lucky guests, with developmental and learning disabilities, get to ride as a passenger in one of these fabulous and collectable cars and ride around the town to the noise of car horns, music and the local crowds

There’s a small prize for the winner, along with a presentation, and then all line up for a photograph taken by the local Reggio  newspaper. The cars that entered the race are lined up in the square for anyone to see, before and after the race, which  set in the beautiful back drop of this quaint and unpretentious town

All donations are paid to the 2 charities directly, with a 100% of monies raised being given to them without any deductions for travel or other expenses for Morclean to attend the event. Again this year the money will be split between Anffas in Italy and Fairplay in Chesterfield

Peter Morley’s MD said  “I want to help support people living with the challenges of developmental difficulties and learning disabilities so that they have the best possible quality of life, by supporting them practically”

Peter has met with not only the event organisers and Anfass volunteers, but has strolled around town, had dinner with the guests and taken them to various shops, getting to know the individuals that the money goes to help improve their lives. Peter also has close ties with Tony and the team at Fairplay.

Peter added “All donations will directly fund travel, equipment and excursions for the people that need it in both Guastalla and Chesterfield”

This year, Peter will be joined by Morclean’s Production and Assembly Manager Harry Morley who will also assist with the race set up, and  be there for the event and presentation

Harry said “this year it will be great to get to see the  actual race in person and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in Guastalla”


slow race 2022 sponsors

Slow Race 2021

Morclean is aiming for last place in the 7th Edition Charity ‘Slow Race’ held in Italy in September 2021.

The yearly event, which was last held on the 18th September 2020, sees amazing cars such as Ferraris, Jaguar’s, (and Gino’s Fiat 500), all compete to come last!

Morclean’s MD and all-round cleaning solutions innovator, Peter Morley, is taking part in this year’s Slow Race, raising money for two charities that support children and adults with physical, sensory, learning and behavioural disabilities.

If you are interested in supporting this incredible cause, please visit Peter’s GoFundMe page here or visit our latest blog post for more information.

100% of any monies raised given to charity.