Morclean Volume Wash

cabinet mounted high flow medium pressure jet washing unit

Volume Wash - cabinet mounted volume pressure wash machine

Morclean Volume Wash

The Morclean cabinet mounted volume wash machine is a high flow medium pressure jet washing unit, with performances ranging from 40 to 60 litres per min of water. Ideal for flushing larger debris such as gritting lorries, earth moving equipment, street sweepers, open-cast machines and excavators – where a high pressure nozzle would simply ‘cut’ into the dirt as opposed to pushing it away

Fitted inside a frost protected cabinet and often utilised with 24v remote switching. Dual control to allow single or twin operation with options for fast filling of street sweepers and other types of vehicles fitted with on-board water tanks. The operator can be provided with options of short or long guns and lances with variable flow and nozzle patterns. Lower pressures also reduce the risk of damage to parts, components or electrical panels etc

Product Specifications

(please note specification shown below is generic – model variants can be built to suit site conditions)

  • 54m max head
  • 60 Lpm max flow
  • Self-priming, suction up to 8m
  • 230 Volt 1.2 Hp electric motor
  • Stainless steel body, nitrile seals
  • 1″ female pump inlet
  • 1″ female pump outlet
  • Carbon ceramic mechanical seal
  • AISI 304 stainless steel impeller
  • For clear water up to 60°C


Technical Specifications

Type AB Water Supply Tanks

The Morclean Volume Wash is often used in conjunction with a high capacity MONDO series water supply tank, these tanks can be filled overnight at lower water volumes so that there is a ready supply of water during the day. Below is an example spec for the most commonly supplied 10,000 litres (10CuM3) MONDO water tank, also available in 5Cum2 to 20CuM2


All Morclean MONDO series water tanks comply with fluid Category 5 backflow protection. The Type AB air gap is formed by an arrangement of an air gap and spill over slot.

Morclean MONDO 10,000 litres water tank surface mounted and free standing

  • 3000mm (L) x 2400mm (H) x 1500mm (H)
  • Raised turret to accommodate Type AB air gap
  • 600x600mm turret and manyway cover bolted down
  • 1” inlet bonded to tank
  • 2 off 1” outlets bonded to tank


  • Remote box with switches and cabling to outside of a plant room
  • Various guns/triggers and hose reels
  • Insulation of water tank with 50mm panels

Installation and typical site work

Morclean can supply and install to any UK location, below is a typical installation

  • Supply and install above to isolated dist board/spur (electrical supply by others)
  • Supply hose reels and bolt to floor
  • Connect water, connect hose reels
  • Re-pipe to tank, re-pipe to new pumps and hose reels etc
  • Lagging of pipes between above outside plant room
  • Fit any valves for end of hose
  • Install strainers between water tank and pumps
  • Utilise any existing hose reels and hoses/nozzles

Fit out at Morclean

Some works are carried out at Morclean prior to delivery to site, the machine and water tank can then be lifted onto site with a HIAB

  • Any internal electrical connections / contactors / switches
  • The fit out of cabinet for pumps
  • Any frost protection thermostat and heater inside cabinet all fitted out on site at Morclean
  • Any timers and switches on the cabinet fitted out on site at Morclean prior to delivery

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    Volume Wash - cabinet mounted volume pressure wash machine

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