Vision LV Steam 2

Effective deep sanitising steam cleaner

Ideal for beds, mattresses, kitchens and washing areas

Vision LV Steam 2 cleaner


The Vision LV Steam 2 steam cleaner cleans effectively and thoroughly, working to spread a pressure of 4 bar for a visibly thorough clean. Ideal for sanitising beds, mattresses, defrosting freezers, cleaning kitchens and taps, removal of limescale, cleaning grouting and tiles. With its impressive features and capabilities, this steam cleaner provides a visibly thorough clean that leaves surfaces sanitised and sparkling. With its versatile applications, this steam cleaner is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Outstanding Performance

Equipped with a steam pressure of 4 bar, the Vision LV Steam 2 ensures a deep and effective clean. The high pressure helps to dislodge dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces, leaving them spotless and hygienic. Whether you’re tackling stubborn grease in the kitchen or removing built-up limescale in the bathroom, this steam cleaner is up to the task.

Easy to Use and Maneuver

Weighing just 8kg, the Vision LV Steam 2 is lightweight and easy to move around, allowing for effortless mobility during your cleaning tasks. The compact design ensures that you can navigate tight spaces and reach difficult-to-clean areas with ease. Say goodbye to heavy and cumbersome cleaning equipment and experience the convenience of this user-friendly steam cleaner.

Invest in the Vision LV Steam 2 steam cleaner and discover the power of efficient and thorough cleaning. With its powerful performance, versatility, and ease of use, this steam cleaner is the ideal solution for all your cleaning needs. Say goodbye to dirt and grime and enjoy sparkling clean surfaces like never before

Product Features

  • Powerful 2000W boiler
  • Steam temperature of 145°C
  • 4 bar steam pressure
  • Only 8Kg for easy mobility

Technical Specifications

Max Pressure bar/psi: 4 bar
Temperature: 145°C
Boiler absorbed power: 2000W
Weight: 8Kg

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    Vision LV Steam 2 cleaner

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