Total Wash and Reclaim System

The integral and self-contained total wash and water reclaim system provides clean water to a 1500 psi cold water pressure washer at up to 20 Litres per minute. The wastewater is collected directly from the wash pad or capture system and directed to the internal filters. Integral interceptor is housed in a stainless steel frost-proof cabinet for protection against vandalism and frost. Automatic control provides fresh water top-up and automatic dosing to the integral interceptor with a ‘one-switch’ system for the operator.
From this point we’re able to supply any of the following options:

  • A surface mounted 3 stage interceptor connected to a foul drain.
  • A surface mounted 3 stage interceptor to a water recycling system.
  • Connection to our integral ‘Valet Centre 20’ combined water reclaims and interceptor.
total wash and reclaim systems