Compact shoulder pressure sprayer

Shoulder pressure spray for Covid-19 deep cleaning and sanitisation. Compact & battery-operated.

Shoulder carrying pressure cleaning spray in action deep cleaning
MORCLEAN PR0 7.5 cleaning and disinfection sprayer


Compact, lightweight, battery-operated, this shoulder pressure sprayer is perfect for deep cleaning; especially those hard to reach areas in stairwells, underneath seating and desks and tables.

The low weight, shoulder pressure sprayer design with a telescopic lance length of 1.15m give you the ability to disinfest all corners of corridors and rooms. The working capacity of 7 L (1.8 gal) means you can be effective with your time in creating a safe environment for staff and customers.

The lance benefits from anti-dust protection to prevent contaminants entering the interior of telescopic lance.

Product Features

  • Anti-dust protection
  • Dosing valve lock
  • Battery pack
  • Power supply for charging battery
  • Gaskets and silicone grease
  • Soft profiled strap
  • Nozzle with jet regulation
  • Hose and lance handle integrated with feeding valve
  • Telescopic lance with adjustable nozzle
  • Additional nozzle MR 1mm
  • Additional nozzle MF3.0
  • Funnel with strainer

Technical Specifications

Total capacity: 7.5L | 1.65 gal
Working capacity: 7.0L | 1.54 gal
Pressure: 4 bar | 58 psi
Weight: 3.35Kg | 7.3lb
Height: 350mm
Telescopic Lance: 1150mm
Battery capacity: 3400 mAh
Battery life: 1800 cycles

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    MORCLEAN PR0 7.5 cleaning and disinfection sprayer

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